HIV Testing in the Philippines – What you need to know and what you must know.

HIV Testing in the Philippines – How to get tested.

The Department of Health now ranks Philippines as one of the countries that has the fastest growing HIV epidemic in the world with a prevalence rate of 5% nationwide. There is a 20-25% prevalence rate in Metro Manila and 15-20% prevalence rate in Cebu. This rate dwarfed the prevalence rate in South Africa, which has the largest population of HIV positive individuals in the world, with a mere 4.7%. Prevalence rate refers to the percentage of individual affected by the disease at specific time. With that in mind, we can say that right now, in a population of 110 Million Filipinos, there are 5.5 Million individuals currently living with HIV.

Mere 5 years ago when I started making this blog, The Philippines is a low prevalence country with less than 1% of the population affected by HIV. This rapidly growing epidemic if left uncontrolled will eventually make The Philippines at par with South Africa with 1 out 10 individuals affected with HIV. So what went wrong? As a nurse with 15 years experience handling HIV cases and working actively with HIV positive individuals, here are my personal conclusions, do take note that this conclusions are not even close with the official conclusion of the Department of Health on why HIV became a rapidly growing epidemic in The Philippines. I personally think that their conclusion is too traditional and not in touch with the modern activities of our youth.

  1. DOH says that the resistance of the Church to some forms of birth control is a contributing factor on the HIV epidemic right now. I say that HIV is most commonly seen in the young population. A population that makes their own decision and is rebellious to the church teachings. Though the Church could have cause some sort of contribution, I do believe that the lack of sex education in our school particularly to our youth is a more blameable culprit than the Church. Did you know that people ages 14 to 30 makes up the 95% of newly diagnosed HIV cases each month and the median age of affected individual for the last 5 years is just 28 years old?
  2. DOH says prostitution or sex for money is a contributing factor of the epidemic and should be eradicated. I say that, prostitution cannot be eradicated. Since the dawn of human civilization, there is prostitution and it is something that is very hard to control much less eradicated from our society. What DOH can do is to provide an ID system and free monthly checkup to our sex workers to protect them as well as the people that they serve. This will also encourage the client to only have sex with a “clean” sex worker. This will also further educate our sex workers on proper ways of protecting themselves from different sexually transmitted infection as well as unwanted pregnancy.
  3. DOH says that persons under 18 who wants to test for HIV should require parental consent. I say that, I have clients with HIV at age 13, 14, 15… and that is because of failure in health promotion. The accessibility of casual sex thru apps like Grindr and other dating apps makes it very easy for 2 complete strangers to have sex consensually and thus, spreading the virus like wildfire to our young and techie population. These individuals would never dare to ask their parents permission to go with them and get tested, our culture against premarital sex and our bigotry against the LGBT makes it impossible to do so. HIV testing should be accessible to ANYONE at ANY AGE on their own volition.


It is estimated that there 1,000 reported HIV cases per month since the 6 months of 2016. At that rate, we can assume that there are 30 to 50 reported HIV cases daily. This does not include unreported cases. Unreported cases are HIV positive individuals who do not know they are infected. The epidemic growth rate is about 200% per year. This means that if not controlled, we could see a tenfold growth of HIV cases (300-500 cases per day) within the next 10 years.



One of the most important thing to do to prevent transmission is knowing your status. HIV is a very controllable disease as long as it is detected early and has not yet done major damage to your organs most specially the Liver, Kidneys and the Brain. There are many ways of getting tested for HIV in the Philippines. We will discuss each of them, one by one including their advantages and disadvantages.

I. Hospitals

Testing by going to hospitals is one of the most common means of getting tested. There are 5 hospitals in our country that specializes with HIV counseling and testing as well as referrals in case you tested positive and needing further treatment. In no particular order: RITM, San Lazaro Hospital, St. Lukes Medical Center both in Quezon City and Global, Makati Medical Center and Medical City in Ortigas. Do take note that the cost for HIV testing is around 1,100 to 3,800 in the private hospitals I mentioned.

PROS: If done correctly, results are very accurate. This is also the only results acknowledged in various employment and immigration requirements.

CONS: There is always an issue with regards to privacy and confidentiality getting tested  in any hospital. Though privacy is protected by our health care professionals, there are many incidents of information leakage caused by poor protocol with regards to transfer of information such as students getting free access to medical records without permission or a slip of tongue during a conversation of one of the member of the health care team handling the HIV case. Hacking is another risk when it comes to electronically stored medical information and records of medication being dispensed from the Pharmacy and to whom.

When it comes to public hospitals, though uncommon, there are recorded cases of results being switched between patients. It is not unheard of that a certain person tested positive though in reality, he is negative simply because a specimen sample was incorrectly labeled with his name. Lapse in judgment and concentration of our overworked and underpaid medical professionals is the main culprit in most cases.

II. Free tests done by Volunteer groups

HIV Test Philippines
We have friendly, volunteer groups that do testing for free. You can call them and schedule a visit and let them know that you are interested in getting tested.

#1850 Leon Guinto Street, Malate, Manila.
Contact: 353-8922

Unit 5, 3/F, Anglo Building, #715-A Shaw Boulevard, Mandaluyong City.
Contact: 0915-366-5683

PROS: Free and they offer counselling as well. Staff are very friendly, professional and trained.

CONS: Privacy and result confidentiality are concerns when it comes to free and public testing. Though trained, innocent conversations could lead to information leakage both consciously and unconsciously. There are cases wherein a Volunteer saw a recently positive patient in the mall and told his friend that “That guys just tested positive yesterday.”

III. HIV testing kits

HIV Testing in The Philippines Home Kit

Advanced home test kits like Fujibio HIV kit has 99.9% accuracy similar to that of Hospital based testing.

Testing kits are widely used as the main method in HIV detection in some hospitals and hygiene clinic. All free testing done by volunteer groups uses HIV test kits. HIV testing hubs also uses HIV kits. Medical missions and workplace testing will usually use HIV testing kits. They are easy to use with result at 99.9% accuracy seen in mere 10 minutes. The common brands in The Philippines are Fujibio and SD Bio. Fujibio is Japanese made and Japan FDA approved while SD Bio is Korean made and Korean FDA approved. Both should give an accurate result with 99.9% certainty similar to that of hospital based testing. Only Fujibio HIV test kits are the only one you can buy online.Fujibio FDA Japan Approval CertificateFujibio’s Japan FDA Registration. Click photo to enlarge.

PROS: Very easy to use and results are very accurate. FDA Japan Approved. Do note that here in The Philippines, FDA does not approve any home test kits to encourage hospital only testing. I would personally recommend testing using test kits first as to give you an accurate idea of your status before going to the hospital. That way, you will know that you will test negative or positive in advance privately. It is also very convenient and you are assure that only you will know the result. Fujibio hiv test kits being sold online also offers free counseling.

CONS: Since the person that bought the kit will usually test himself or herself, Anxiety could lead to testing delay. Some people will contemplate for weeks before using the test kits and then eventually forgets that he bought one.

A positive HIV test using an HIV Home Test Kit


If you used any of my recommendations above in getting tested and you tested positive, DO NOT DESPAIR. HIV is a very controllable disease and achievement of undetectable viral load is the treatment goal. Living a normal life is very possible with HIV as long as treatment is started and adherence to the treatment regimen is established. We have 2 options in getting treated.

Research Institute for Tropical Medicine (RITM)

RITM is the premiere and the leading facility in The Philippines when it comes to antiretroviral drug distribution as well as treatment for HIV patients. This should be your first choice in obtaining confirmatory results and further treatment if the initial testing result was positive. RITM is more specialized than San Lazaro and could deal with serious HIV related complications such as Mycobacterium Bovis infection as well as cryptococcal infection of the brain.

For commuters:

  1. Take a bus or van going to Alabang.
  2. Look for the Muntinlupa Fire Station.
  3. Ride a UV express/van or a multicab with a Filinvest Ikot route in front of the Orange Building and Festival Mall just besides the fire station.
  4. Tell the driver to drop you off at RITM.

Total estimated fare cost: 60 -120 Pesos.
For private vehicles:

  1. Proceed to SLEX.
  2. Exit at Filinvest.
  3. Turn left after the toll gate.
  4. RITM is just at the right side.


  1. Ensure that you arrive before 7:00 A.M for baseline testing. You will not be entertained if you arrive late.
  2. Once inside, simply proceed to the ARG clinic.
  3. Register.
  4. Proceed to the cashier and pay 150 pesos for the orange patient sheet.
  5. Proceed to ARG and await for your name to be called.
  6. CD4 testing for positive patients are available after 1:00 P.M except during Wednesdays and weekends.
  7. Distribution of antiretroviral drugs are given monthly. Maximum supply for 1 month is dispensed at the given schedule.
  8. Drugs should be free and is subsidized by Philhealth.

The Thai Red Cross Research Center

If you have the budget of about 25,000 pesos every 6 months, a possible alternative is getting tested and treated in Thailand. The Thai Red Cross Aids Research Center is one of the most advanced HIV treatment facility in the world eclipsing RITM. They use the most advanced drugs that you need to only take once a day as compared to a cocktail of 2-3 medications that the Philippines still uses. Blood works such as CD4 testing is around 500 pesos and results are ready in 3 days. The medications used in TRCARC are the best medications available and is very cheap, it will only cost you about 10,000 pesos for your 6 months supply. This same medication costs about 80,000 per 1 month supply in the United States. It is cheaper in Thailand because it is subsidized by the Thai Government. You can only purchase 6 month supply of the drug as they will require you to come back every 6 months for monitoring your health status. This advanced medication is only taken once a day and has very little side effects. They look like Centrum tablets.

HIV Thailand Treatment

The Thai Red Cross AIDS Research Centre
Address: 104 Ratchadamri Road, Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330
(5 minutes’ walk from the Rajdamri BTS station and Silom MRT station)

Tel. (+66) 2-256-4107-9
Fax: (+66) 2-254-7577

DISCLAIMER: We here at HIV Test Philippines testify that opinions we expressed above are based on what we believe are facts. We are not paid by nor endorsing RITM, TRCARC and other hospitals or products mentoined above. Information above are based on what we think are best with regards to getting tested in the Philippines. Contributors here at HIV Test Philippines are HIV Counselors and are working actively for more than 5-15 years in HIV clinics in the Philippines.


  1. Snow says:

    Valid reason ba kung magpapatest ako dahil nung nagpablood test ako di ko nakita kung bago yung syringe na naitusok sa akin. Itetest po kaya ako nun? Kasi kapag praning ka kahit maliit na bagay pag iisipan mo.

      • Chloe says:

        Naku ganyan din nasa isip ko
        Ppatest ulit para matigil na pag iisip
        Nawa negative pa din

      • Snow says:

        Salamàt sa pagsagot po. Sobra na appreciate ko. Sobra nakatulong. ?

        • Vic says:

          Low risk naman ang needle exposure. Pwede ka naman mag lie sa exposure mo sa social hygiene clinic sabihin mo nakipagsex ka talaga. Para maitest ka nila. Bawasan mo masyado pagiisip. Marami dito sex talaga exposure. Wag mo na palalain ang anxiety mo. Lalo ka magkakasakit nyan

          • Snow says:

            Nagpatest po ako march 16. 75 days after nga po nun. NR resulta. Sabi ko sa counsellor na kung pwede next month patest po ulit ako. Para mejo lagpas ko sa 3months. Ayaw na niya po ako itest kasi daw. Wala naman daw nagrereuse ng mga syringe. Nakita lang daw niya ako na nalilito kaya niya ako pinagtest. Pagkapraning ko kahit imposible mangyari napapaisip ako.

    • Lloyd says:

      Kung gusto mo patest araw2 pwwede namn,sa hispital ka or sa hi precision..magbabayad ka nga lang..don pwede walang hub kase donation lang jan at libre kaya tinitipid nila ang kit para don sa iba…hindi lang kase ikaw need magpatest which is konausap kana ng counsellor mo amd yet ayaw mp parin maniwala…try mo sa hiprecision wala pa 500 ang hiv nila…pwede ka don kahit everyweek.Sa medical city or st. Lukes naman prepare ka 3k.

      • Snow says:

        Napakahirap po labanan ng anxiety. Kahit napaka imposibleng mapapaisip ka. Dati di ko na naiisip to kasi nung nagpatest asawa ko nasa testing table lahat ng injection. Pero eto nanaman ako napapraning napapaisip? alam ko na professional mga kumukuha ng dugo at alam nila na bawal magreuse. Pero utak ko talaga ginugulo ako ?

      • Imme says:

        Wag nu gawin pa test araw araw. Papagalitan kayo nyan.. ang mga councelor will trained yan sa mga ganyang sakit kasi madami na cla na encpunter na nag positive. Baka pag balik nu sunod sabihan kau na mag. Pa pysche na kau nyan…mostly sa kanila araw araw cla nanaka encounter nang ganyan..iba anxiety dis order na yan…pag mag NR kau 1 month after exposure then repeat 3months for conclusive result…

    • kon says:

      bro, move on.

      • Snow says:

        Kahit ano gawin ko kumbinsi sa sarili ko bro yung utak ko parang di ko pagmamay ari? alam mo feeling ng ganon. Hirap ako ? sobra.

        • kon says:

          find someone you can talk with, it helps.

          • Snow says:

            Mga sir. Wala naman po siguro kahit saan na nagrereuse po ng syringe diba.??? Un po kasi kinakatakot ko baka nung nagpatest ako baka reuse yung syringe. So nagpatest ako 75days after. NR.

      • IHope says:

        Sa tagal tagal ko na rin nag pa test at nakakapag donate ng blood, parang Wala pa ata
        Na encounter na ganyang case na re-use ung syringe. Kasi papakita Naman nila un sayo bago iturok sayo diba.
        At saka mga professional naman ang mga nag tuturok niyan Kaya Alam nila ginagawa nila..
        Siguro baka may neee mo na pumunta sa phycologist mukang matindi na Tama mo sa anxiety.
        Ibang test na dapat ung gawin sayo.

  2. Lalaki says:

    Sabi Ku said sarili Ku mag remove on nku if nr sa 38days pero gnito prin natatakot aq sa lhat ung pag ubo Ku said tuwing my Niagara same lalamunan sa Ku tuwing matutulog at mgigicng aq manginginig aq naghihina prank matutumba.. Iniisip Ku minsan pag dumating 3months mag reactive aq or bka sa ibang hub reactive aq.. Huhuhu.. Or using kit reactive nku. Ang dami kupang pangarap sa buhay kaso gnito nnman lhat ng nraramdaman kuna

    • pidi says:

      iba yang sakit mo. hndi yan HIV. pa check up ka. para malaman mo kung ano yan.

    • Imme says:

      Kung reactive ka sa 38days palang na test mo at kung gamit mo 4th gen. R kana sana..kaso wala e. So reapet ka ln 3mons for conclusive, lahat nang nararamdaman mo e lilinko yan sa hiv, pero hindi lngg hiv ang sakit na pag labas nang mga symtoms…only hiv test lng maka alam kung R ka or NR…

  3. Lalaki says:

    Sabi Ku said sarili Ku mag remove on nku if nr print sa 38days pero gnito prin natatakot aq sa lhat ung pneumonia Ku towing matutulog at mgigicng aq.. Iniisip Ku minsan page dumating 3months mag reactive aq or bka sa ibang hub reactive aq.. Huhuhu..

  4. Lalaki says:

    Sir nagpatest naku ulit 27 and 38 days NR duda kc aq sa one month nku of exposure vaginal sex di Parin nwawla panginging Ku in Kahit relax aq nanginginig prin khit na matutulog mgigicng mnginginig na katawan Ku mga 3 to 4am ala nman aq lagnat. ‘sipon pag ubo Kulang ng bahagya prang my nakabara sa lalamunan Ku di alam Ku sore thoat. huhuhu aq ung Feb 5 na nkipagsex sa isn’t sex worker ung pinagtawanan ng may ari ng bar. Sbi dun sa hub OK ndaw ung umaabot dawn ng 3 motnhs rare ndaw un strong immune system ung di basta basta kinakapitan ng skit bat ganito print aq naiisip Ku tuloy my technical error. Kaso tinignan Ku mga nakapaskel sa dingding nila excellent nman cla sa HIV testing by San lazaro hospital. Bat ganun huhuhu di aq mkalimut sa ganitong nararamdaman Ku napabayaan kuna lhat dumating naku sa point na gnito.

    • Marx says:

      Pacheck ka sa isang medical doctor, yung Internal Medicine ang specialty. Sabihin mu yung mga nararamdaman mo sa kanya.

      • Bea says:

        I can relate. Lahat ng symptoms meron ako. Kaya praning parin ako kht 3 mos na ako NR at kht neg ako sa kit. Nakatatlong doctor na ako. Bnigyan na ako ng ibat ibang gamot pro ganun parin. ☹️

        • Khalil says:

          We’re the same lahat lahat ng symptoms nag manifest, NR naman na sa 102 days ko and yet nakakapraning pa rin

          • Bea says:

            Hi khalil. Anong mga symptoms mo? May fb dummy acct ka?

          • Imme says:

            Safe kana bro…wag rule out kana sa hiv, your negative. Wag mu na ipilit na my meron ka kahit wala…pa blood chem ka para alam mo yung mga sakit mo…

          • Khalil says:

            Khalil Prado po ma’am Bea ? yan po and dp ko smiley face withoiy lips

          • Khalil says:

            Maraming salamat po Imee, kasi naman dami kong nababasa na need prin magpa test sa ika 6 mos, and gang ngayon may maliit na 2 lumps sa batok ko and may pa isa isang tumutubo parin pong rashes sa katawan ko and still may blurry vision parin po.

          • Imme says:

            Pag my infection ka mag kaka sorethroat ka…at lagnatin ka..

    • Rhen says:

      Lately napapraning ako na baka may hiv ako kahit na 2yrs ago pa yung last n nakipag sex ako. Naisip ko kna baka ngayon lang lumalabas yung symptoms nung sakit. May mga lumalabas kasi na rashes sa katawan ko mga pabilog na rashes na makati pero naisip ko rin na baka dahil lang sa init ng panahon sensitive kasi blat ko pero nakakapraning pa rin talaga gusto ko sana magpatest kaso natatakot naman ako baka mag positive di ko alam kung kakayanin ko.

  5. Lalaki says:

    Sir nagpatest naku ulit 27 and 38 days NR dude kc aq sa one month nku of exposure vaginal sex di Parin nwawla panginging Ku in Katie relax aq nanginginig prin khit na matutulog mgigicng mnginginig na katawan Ku ala nman aq lagnat ‘sipon pag ubo Ku ng bahagya prang my nakabara sa lalamunan Ku . huhuhu aq ung Feb 5 na nkipagsex sa isn’t sex worker ung pinagtawanan ng may ari ng bar. Sbi dun sa hub OK ndaw ung umaabot dawn ng 3 motnhs rare ndaw un strong immune system ung di basta basta kinakapitan ng skit bat ganito print aq naiisip Ku tuloy my technical error. Kaso tinignan Ku mga nakapaskel sa dingding nila excellent nman cla sa HIV testing by San lazaro hospital..

  6. jast says:

    sir ask lang po ako. kasi nag sex po ako nong September2018 sa ibang babae .tapuz nahawa po ako nang tulo nya nag pagamot naman po ako tapuz at OK naman po tapuz nung December po nag pa HIV test po ako at unreactive naman po .,..ngayon po may tomobo na singaw sa lo-ob nang bonga nga ko Mali it lang naman po..gusto kolang po malaman Kong talagang wala akong HIV..sana masagot po ang tanong ko salamat po godbless at sir loyd pwd po mag messages sayo in private.. text lang po ako sa num ko 639081940165..salamat po

    • Lloyd says:

      I need specific far kapag 3 months na…ok kana..repeat the test after 6 months.

      • jast says:

        months of September po sir nong naka galaw ako nang ibang baba e..tapuz makaraan ang isang lingo naka tulo po ako tapuz nagpagamot po ako sabi po nang doctor ko mag pa HIV test o ako nag pa test po ako nong December 23 ..po ngayon sana gusto kopa olit mag pa test para maka cgoro..Sabi nang doctor ko hintayin lang daw mag 1yer bago mag pa test oli sir..

        • Lloyd says:

          DOH said 3 to 6 months….ung doctor mo ayaw nya lang masisi kaya ganyan sya ka outdated.
          Nowadys wala pa 3 months nadedetect na ang hiv sa modern test so kapag nagpatest ka NR after 3 months conclusive nayan…PERO meron din rare cases na nagpositive after 6 months kaya for me get tested again after 6 mos or kung gusto mo sundin ang doctor mo…edi patest ka ulet aftrr 1 yr….para lang sa peace of mind mo.
          Wag ka masyadong magisip at hihina immune system mo…kung ano2ng sakit ang dadapo sayo at iisipin mo na hiv yan…if i were you lumayo ka sa google ur mind at delikado baka mauwi sa anxiety at mahirapan ka bumalik sa realidad…ibang docotor na un.

  7. jast says:

    sir gud day po pwd pobang mag tanong tongkol sa HIV sir paki pm po ako sa number ko 639081940165..salamat po paki lang po nang number mo..

  8. Snow says:

    75 days(10weeks) after exposure. Tested NR Ilang percent na po kaya na conclusive na resulta ko?

    • Marx says:

      3mos = 99% conclusive

      • Snow says:

        So hindi pa conclusive resulta ko??

      • Snow says:

        Wala naman po siguro na center o kahit anong testing center or hospital na nagrere use ng syringe o injection. Paranoid lang po kasi 75 days ago nagpatest ako. Di ko na tinignan kung bago yung ginamit na pangkuha ng blood sa akin.

        • Kkk says:

          Same tayo iniisip , na baka reuse yung ginagamit nilang needle ,hopefully hindi

          • Chloe says:

            Nakakaloka mag isip
            Kse ako din yun ang iniisip ko.
            Sana nga bago mga ginamit nila
            At hindi re use

          • Snow says:

            Sinabi ko yan sa counsillor ko kanina. Baka kako reuse yung nagamit sa akin sa isang diagnotucs laboratory. Sabi niya kahit saan daw na hospital public man o private. Kahit saan na center wala daw nagrereuse ng syringe. Bawal daw yun. Isip ko oo nga naman kasi kukuhanan ka nila ng dugo tapos lipat nila sa tube diretso tapon na yun. Kasi sa sobra praning natin about hiv kahit napaka imposibleng mangyari napapaisip tayo. Kung pansinin mo kapag nagpapatest yung mga syringe nasa table kung saan ka kukuhanan ng dugo. At bubuksan sa harap mo. kasi sa sobra kaba ko pumikit nako nung kukuhanan ako ng dugo kaya di ko lang siguro napansin.

          • Chloe says:

            Ako din ganyan ang naiisip baka re.use ang ginamit na karayom
            Sa hi presicion ako nagpatest
            Kakalola mag isip

        • Chloe says:

          San k nagpa test
          Ako last check ko sa hi precision
          Di ko rin nakita if bago yung ginamit sa akin

  9. Anne says:

    Getting tested is important…whatever the result you need accept..And for those people who are dont need to worry,you guys must be continue to take arvs,because our hiv cure is possible.
    Remember,there are two patients will cure of hiv…scientist said,they are closely to find cure..pinagstudihan pa nila.

  10. pidi says:

    guys better patest na kyo. ako paranoid di,. at lahat ng nararamdaman ko inaassociate ko lahat sa hiv. tinatagan ko na loob ko after 3 mobths na paranoid ako. sabi ko sa sarili ko walang ibang tutulong sakin kundi sarili ko.if i get positive result hndi naman titigil ang mundo at hndi naman katapusan ko na, atleast mapaaghahandaan ko makakapag gamot if ever. 1 year mahigit exposure ko, unprotected anal sex, insertive ako. nabalitaan ko kasi namatay yung nakasex ko kaya naparanoid ako. awa ng Diyos negative ako. kanina ako nagpatest sa isang Social Hygiene Clinic near my place. NR hiv & syphilis. Nawala lahat ng worries ko.

    • Marx says:

      congrats sir… ung receiving end sa anal sex daw tlga ang pinaka high-risk ayon sa nabasa ko… Godbless…!

    • Kkk says:

      May mga symptoms ka ba sir?

      • pidi says:

        nagkasakit ako like flu noong december at ubo, masakit mga joints, ulo, nagtae and nahihilo lagi. nawala ng january and feb, tapos ngayong March nagka ubo na naman tapos nag swell ang right neck lymph node ko, at anxiety na din ksama. kaya sinabi ko sa sarili kung meron tlaga hndi naman mawawala kapag pinatagal ko pa and hanggat hndi pa malala makapag gamot na if ever positive. ayun kanina tinapangan ko na. kasi wala naman tutulong sa sarili mo kundi ikaw mismo. Am so happy and thankful NR ako.

  11. Len says:

    1 year last exposure ko. May posibility ba na hindi madetect ng test kit kahit na meron ka pero di pa din nadetect???

  12. pidi says:

    just got tested sa isang Social Hygiene Clinic near my area. NR! HiV & Syphilis.
    Nabunutan ako ng tinik.

  13. Curious says:

    Hi. Can i get hiv from the lancet i ordered online? I tested NR exact 3months after nung umorder ako. Salamat ?

      • Curious says:

        Ok salamat. Napaparanoid kasi ako. What if kung contaminated yung lancet. Nakakapraning. So naghintay ako ng 3months bago magpatest. NR . Conclusive na po siguro yun noh?

      • Curious says:

        Umorder ako ng hiv kit sa lazada tsaka sa fb. So isip ko baka po kako contaminated yung lancet. Baka kako itinusok sa may virus tapos isinasama sa mga tinitinda online. Kasi po diba yung mga iba na may ganian sakit iba na yung naiisip. So kaya na papa isip ako.

        • Marx says:

          ang gumawa nyan hindi nman may HIV… galing sa factory yan ng korea, japan, etc… may quality control nman yan…

          bakit ka umorder in the first place? may risky sex exposure ka ba? uu, 99% conclusive na yan… relax. hanap kg ng pagkakalibangan…

          • Curious says:

            Yes. Meron. Mahigit 1 year na yun. Naka ilang test na ko NR lahat ng result
            Last november naisipan ko umorder muna sa online ng kit bago ko magpatest sa lab. 3months after ko umorder nagpatest ako NR resulta. Ilang percent na sure na wala kang hiv kung after 3months???

          • Curious says:

            Ay sorry nasabi mo na pala kung ilang percent. Ang isip ko kasi hindi na sa mismo factory ng gumawa. Yung mismo nagbebenta ng kit online. Baka kako tanggalin yung takip tapos tusok sa may virus tatakpan ulit. Kasi kung paranoid ka di mo na mapapansin kung di na nakafix yung takip ng manual lancet.

          • Marx says:

            Bakit naman nila gagawin yun? Imbis makatulong, mandadamay cla? Saka ung virus hindi naman mabubuhay ng ilang araw sa lancet kung meron man. Pero sure ako wla… kaya relax ka lng!

  14. Mark says:

    H, san po pwd mag pa test ng 4th gen kasi pang 45 days kona,nagka sorethroat ako pero nag pa test na ako sa love yourself 33 days last exposure sa unprotectd sex.

  15. QueenParanoia says:

    Sinu po dito nkaranas ng sobrang paranoid at grabe ang panic dahil sa anxiety at depression? Hindi tlaga ako makakatulog pag gabi pagod2 na talaga ako at NR nman test 3mos at 4mos sa protected sex na may gamit condom.. Kung nkatayo ako gusto kng matulog pro ng nkahiga na dilat ang mata..??? help nman pls kng anu ginawa nyo pra mka recover gusto ko na pumunta sa phsyciatric pra mag consult..??? parang sinisingil na ako ng Maykapal sa mga kasalanan ko..???

    • Marx says:

      OK pwede din punta ka nlng sa pysch doctor. Nothing wrong with that. Basta NR ka na, 3mos and 4mos, protected sex pa nga. Kung ako lng, di ko na inaalala ung protected sex.

    • Lloyd says:

      Visit a psyhc doctor…need mona yan
      Tagal mona nagtatanong ng ganito and we cant help you…kelangan mo ng ibang doctor…its ok lang namn kase napaparanoid kana at baka mabaliw kapa kakaisip…

  16. Imme says:

    Patest kau 1 month after exposure using 4th gen or elisa test, then repeat kau 90 days sa social hygine clinic sd bioline 3.0.. pag NR free kana sa hiv1/2.

  17. Bea says:

    Hi… had unprotected sex more than 3 months ago. Happened only once but i had vaginal tear. Realized it after sex. tested non reactive at 12 weeks using sd bioline hiv 1/2 3.0. Then tested again using icare Hiv kit at 16 weeks and it came out negative. Still worried kasi still having stomach upset, white coated tongue and night sweats til now. I experienced every hiv symptoms but tests came out negative. I don’t know what’s happening cause drank meds but symptoms still persist.

  18. pidi says:

    very active ang sexual life namin ng partner ko. 2 times a week kami lagi unprotected sex, top sya. may chance ba na hndi sya mahawa if ever positive ako.

  19. pidi says:

    should i be tested alone or with a company?

  20. meenio says:

    conclusive na po ba ang 87 days after last exposure and tested negative using hiv test kit?

  21. pidi says:

    san po ba mas ok magpa test? sa hi precision or sa public hospital? san po mas mabilis? baka din kasi madami tao sa public hospital.

  22. Kkk says:

    Hi sir lloyd ask ko lang po sept. Po last expo nag pa hiv test ako nung jan tapos NR naman tapos ngayo nilalagnat ako tapos nagkarashes pa , d ko din ma alis sa isip ko na positive ako , epikto kaya to ng anxiety ko?

  23. Combowhore says:

    Bro marx msta nka bro?

  24. testednegativetestedpositivedontstoppraying says:

    hello po. nagtest ako using hiv test kit na inorder ko sa lazada hi precision hiv test kit.looks legit naman po kaso hindi fujibio. tinignan ko review sa lazada good item naman po siya. so 11:56 ako naglagay ng blood sample and 12:16 tinignan ko negative siya. last exposure ko is dec 17 2018. conclusive na po ba yun? 1 blood drop lang kase drinop ko. sufficient na po ba yun? thankyou sa sasagot. nabawasan ang pagiisip ko. guys sa mga nakakaranas ng symptoms or anything wala yan. sa isip lang naten yan. Magpatest kayo at 3 months at ng malaman niyo. MAGDASAL PO KAYO AT HUMINGI NG KAPATAWARAN. God is really great. and goodluck sa tests niyo sana negative din kayo. planning to retest na sa hospital for 6 months mark. Godbless you all.

    • Combowhore says:

      Anu exposure no? Unprotected? Retest ka nlang after 3mos.. Mas maganda magpatest sa mga hub, clinic at hospital kasi may counseling pa at proper yung pag perform ng test.. God bless bro keep safe.. Use condom always!

      • testednegativetestedpositivedontstoppraying says:

        unprotected vaginal.po saka oral. pero 5 mins lang po kase di ako tinigasan hehe. yes po. thankyou Godbless you sir

        • Combowhore says:

          Anu nararmdaman mo ngayon bro? Nkakatulog kba sa gabi?

          • testednegativetestedpositivedontstoppraying says:

            oo naman ser. wala naman akong nararamdaman symptoms lymp nodes lang pero lumalakki lang siya kase hawak ako ng hawak hehe. pero negative naman ako sa 3 month window period ko gamit hiv test kit.

  25. Veepee says:

    Nagpatest ako kanina sa Hi-Precision sa may Kawit, Cavite. Inavail ko yung STD package nila, 1095 pesos binayad ko. Nilakasan ko na loob ko para once and for all, matapos na anxiety ko kahit nag negative na ako at 92 days gamit yung fujibio test kit. Yung kanina sa HP pang 132 days ko na yun from exposure. Finally nung chineck ko yung reault online, NONREACTIVE ako. Ang laking pasasalamat ko talaga kay Lord at binigyan nya pa ako ng second chance. Sa wakas, makakapag-move on na ako. Btw, ang exposure ko is oral sex. So advice ko kagaya ng ibang tao na active mgpost at sumagot dito, wag matakot mgpatest. Regardless kung ano result, magpatest para alam mo ang next step mo. Sobrang hirap ng puro akala at magrely sa symptoms. Kasi ako pabalik balik na rin ubo ko kaya akala ko epekto na ng hiv kaya ayoko muna magpacheck up sa doctor. Pero ngayon NR ako, alam ko na na hindi HIV to. At lastly, magdasal at magsisi sa kasalanan. If meron man mabuting naidulot sa akin yung anxiety ko, eh yun yung bumalik ako kay Lord. Sya lang talaga ang kinakapitan ko at hinihingan ng lakas ng loob. Di nya tayo papabayaan.

    • pidi says:

      magisa ka ba nagpatest or you are with someone?

      • veepee says:

        Magisa lang ako nagpatest. Maaassign kasi ako sa ibang bansa, so worried ako na baka dun pa ako magkasakit, mas mahirap kaya nilakasan ko na loob ko pumunta sa hi precision. Okay naman, kapag alam nilang hiv testing maingat sila sa pagtatanong. Although marami ka dadaanan na staffs so marami sa knila na makaka-alam na magpapahiv test ka. Pero di ko na pinansin. Importante magkaroon ako ng peace of mind bago ako umalis ng bansa.

    • Kkk says:

      Vee may nararamdaman ka bang symptomas?

      • veepee says:

        Yung first two months from exposure, wala naman. Pero after nun nagkaubo ako, umabot halos isang buwan. Dry cough sya. Eh isa rin sya sa synptoms ng HIV according sa internet kaya nakakaworry. Tapos nagkarashes din ako sa braso, pero konti lang mga tatlo madami na yun. Tapos nung gumaling ubo ko after a week bumalik na naman. Tapos parang may nakakapa ako sa batok ko sa right side. Iniisip ko yung lymph node ko yun. Mas nakakapa ko kasi sa kanan kaysa sa kaliwang sidw kaya iniisip ko swollen sya. Tapos naging pawisin ako. Yun yung mga naramdaman ko. Nakakaparanoid ng husto.

  26. Alejandro08 says:

    Hi sa mga readers and commenters ng site, just want to share my story sa inyo. I finally got the courage to take the hiv test today March 13, after almost 1 and a half year of being paranoid, anxiety attacks and di ko mabilang na sleepless nights. Nilakasan ko na loob ko dahil sabi ko sa sarili ko di ako makakapag move on sa buhay ko kung once and for all eh di ko malalaman ang status ko.. December 2017 nung una akong magka sakit ng bronchitis, dun ako ung ang napaisip na baka connected ito sa hiv. January 2018 nagka sore throat/tonsillitis ako, then ayun paranoid ulit dahil Akala ko symptoms narin ito ng hiv. May 2018,chest tightness June 2018 lagnat at ubo na pabalik balik.. Pero Dpa rin ako nagpapa test that time takot ako sa magiging result. Then nagka rashes din ako sa buong katawan.. That time pumasok na talaga sa isip ko na bala nga positive na ako. October 2018, ubo na naman bumalik. then last week of Feb early March 2019, ubo Trangkaso lagnat ulit nararamdaman ko.. Then Eto na nga iyak ako ng iyak nabuo na sa isipan ko na tanggap kona na hiv positive ako kht Dpa ko nagpapa test tlaga. Then may nakikilala ako sa messenger na hiv screening advocate. Eto na talaga yung time sabi ko sa sarili ko, nagka chat kmi Hanggang sa natuloy na nga ang meeting nmin knina lang and sabi ko sa kanya handa ako anuman results.. Umiiyak talaga literally habang hinihintay results sa kit.. Then bigla nya sinabi wat if positive ka Anu reaksyon mo? Ask nya.. Kinabahan ako bigla.. Then after 10 minutes saka nya sinabi ok na results alam kona. Kc nag cr ako nun at umiyak sa cr. Then he said non reactive.. Iyak ako ng iyak.. At niyakap ko. Xa sa sobrang tuwa ko.. Then sabi nya if u want to make sure Pwede rin natin gawin ung test sa hub sa isang Malapit na hospital. This time sa syringe nko Kinuhanan ng dugo.. Kc I want to make sure narin Kc Kaya Dpa ko nakuntento sa kit lang.. Then ayun nga non reactive parin ako Thanks God! Nabunutan ako ng tinik sa dibdib parang ang laking burden ang Nawala sa likod ko.. Ang gaan sa Paki ramdam. Na ngaun alam kona ang status ko. Sobrang tnk u kay Lord at di nya ako pinabayaan at dininig nya prayers ko.. Kaya guys wag kau matakot magpa test baka mamaya ung mga symptoms ninyo eh di nman talaga hiv. Ako ang naging sexual partners ko Ay Nasa 30+ na bilang mga males din. Mga nakaka salamuha ko sa gay dating apps.. Maraming unprotected sex ako sa mga un dko maaalala kung Ilan pero mas madami ang protected sex. Pero. Dba kht isa lang na unprotected eh Pwede kna mahawaan. My last unprotected sex is March 2017 and last protected sex is November 2018.. Ayan ung mga ginawa ko noon na dko na uulitin.. Salamat sa pag babasa ng kwento ko.. Always pray and get tested wag matakot. I’m sure diringgin din ang mga prayers nyo..

    • pidi says:

      pwede din ba makausap yung nakausap mo. takot din kasi ako eh. san ba location mo? para magpasama din ako sa kanya.

    • Irmskies04 says:

      Youre fortunate kase sinamahan ko ngayon lng un tito ko kase malakas kutob ko na baka may hiv sia…lately lagi sia may ubo then ngayun nga since january pa kaya sinamahan ko na talaga sia kanina.maghapon kami dun halos ngayun kaya mejo pagod ako…then ayun nga reactive sia? atleast ngayun nalaman ko na at nawala na un suspetsa ko. Hayyy kaya ingat lang talaga kelangan kung hindi talaga maiiwasan…

      • Alejandro08 says:

        Sad to hear that regarding ur uncle’s reactive status, Yup I can say na napaka swerte ko at NR ako sa Dami ng nka sex ko na unprotected at protected.. Kaya sana talaga magka Roon ng lakas ng loob ang bawat isa na at risk na get tested. No matter what the results is, u are doing it for your own health.

  27. Miss Emz says:

    Pa reply naman po i had my test today 19days since last exporsure sa unprotected sex tanong ko po how realiable ang SD BIOLINE na gamit ng mga HIV HUB CLINIC??? pwede ko na po ba maging basehan yun??? NEGATIVE PO KASI UNG RESULTS SA HIV, SYPHILIS at HEPA B ako…

  28. Dan Dan says:

    I ordered today po ng test kit so kelan ko po sya makukuha since wala naman pong sinabi or information kung kelan ako pwede mag wait.

  29. George says:

    Dear all,

    Hanggang ngayon wala pang confirmation ang hiv test ko. Last Jan 18 2019 nagreactive ako .magdadalawang buwan na. By nxt week pupunta ako ng manila para ifollow up ko. Naka hang hindi ako maka update sa sitwasuon.

    May tanong lng ako..Meron pi bang maraming cases na umaabot ng dalawang buwan ang confirmation?

  30. Sorry says:

    Pls pkisagot gnito kc nangyari i have unproted sex to sex worker vagina only nilalabas ku nman sia dati kaso nitong last feb 5 na nilabas ku para my mali mainit ang vagina ng girl at na prang my anu kinabukasan nag balat ung ari ku wla nman sugat then sbi ku ok lng after 1 week hapon nagbasketball aq kinabukasan masaki kalamnan kuna na prang lalagnatin sabay pagsakit sa pag ihi at scrotum un na tuloy tuloy na panghihina ku nagkadiarhea aq every na prang lalagnatin aq 2 weeks pumunta aq sa bar na pinagwoworkan ng babae kinausap ku manager and employee sbi nia my pink card weekly check and nung january kinuhanan daw sila ng dugo tugma nman sa snabi ng sex worker ngaun . Nagpa hiv test aq ng 2 weeks n.r and sabi ku maaga ba ang two 2weeks balik daw aq after 1 month so bumalik aq nr. Nnman .. sa ngaun sa umaga prang malamig ang pakiramdam ku na nanginginig .. minsan sumakit tyan ku iwan ku kung bkit cguro dna aq nkakain na maayus .. tapus my sipon aq ngaun at kunting ubo.. always ku nlang sinasabi sa self ku npaka imposible nman di makikita sa test if my tama aq .. minsan pag nanginginig aq tinatanggap ku nlang na meron aq.. kaso kawawa nman family ku di aq mapag work ng maayus feeling ku ang bigat ng pakiramdam ku always my gf aq kaso low risk aq sa kanya at always nkacondom aq.. ngaun takot aqong humawak uminom magwork sa bahay magsain mkipagsex sa gf ku.. huhuhuhu gov. Employee pa nman aq panu nlang .. panu nlang mga promotion .. subrang pagsisi ku.. bat aq lng nkakaramdam nito un sex worker hindi mataba sia saka dapat sna bagsak sia sa mga weekly hygiene nia huhuhu..

    • Badong says:

      Ganyan din feeling ko bro masakit tlga nagsisi man tyo wla na hope and pray na lang tlga

    • QueenParanoia says:

      Yung test mo na 2weeks at saka 1month ang aga pa, pwera lng kng 4th gen test gamit nla pro kailangan pa rin repeat after 3mos pra mkasisiguro.. Unprotected kasi exposure mo.. Wag ka muna mag rely sa sintomas mind over body kasi yan sa sobrang pag iisip lalabas talga iba² mga sakit..

    • Marx says:

      Ikaw ba ung pinagtawanan nung owner ng bar? Kalma ka lng muna. Dami mo ng iniisip. Eto payo ko sayo from Fujibio/3rd gen standpoint: pa test ka 6weeks after the exposure. 95% conclusive na yan. Pa test ka ulit after 3mos; kung NR, 99% NR ka na nyan….

      Baka naman hindi HIV yang mga nararamdaman mo? Remember, may iba pang STD; HIV is just one of them. Pa test ka sa Hi-Precision, yung STD package nila…

      Parang paulitulit po tanong mo. Na advisan ka naman yata dati. Tigilan na yang mga pag obserba mo sa katawan. Punta ka sa doctor at sabihin mo yang mga nararamdaman mo.

  31. Joe says:

    Sir lloyd, sir kon nagpa retest ako kanina sa social hygiene clinic after may nakipag sex sa babeng bayaran with condom po.. Medyo paranoid pa rin ako..???

    • Lloyd says:

      With condom is more safe than nothing…ur tested negative.
      Kung 3 months yan,tigilan na kakaisip.

    • Sorry says:

      Nagkakadry skin narin aq iwan kung bkit kaso wla lesion .. 4weeks nkabaseline nku sbi ng med tect 1 -2-3months kaso sabi nia knina wla nadaw to .. if my tama aq nakatagal nman ng antibody ku magresponse.. if inpected aq nung feb 5 then after one month.. wlang nkita ?? Huhuhuhu

      • Sorry says:

        Alam ku mbilis magreponse antibody ku kung ubo sugat magrereact agad katawan ku my groin swelling agad at sore throat ngaun wla if my tama aq..

    • kon says:

      hey Joe, calm down or i will go there to smack you….. de joke lang ?

      it’s in your mind yan. wag na masyadong mag google.

      • Joe says:

        Sir kon tagal mo nawla ahh?hahaha balik kna dito di na talaga ako galit sayo..??

        • kon says:

          i still read posts every once in a while.

          wag matigas ulo. you’ll get out of it eventually. baka mamaya ulitin mo rin ?
          nevertheless, practice safe sex and you should be all good.

          • Joe says:

            Sir kon hirap tlaga ako mkapag move on..huhuhu grabe utak ko lage isip ng nangyari..??? buti kpa sir kon dali ka lng nkapag move on kahit isang beses ka lng nagpatest dba?

          • kon says:

            no. 6 weeks, 3 months 6 months… i relied on facts, hindi sa mga kwento kwento. armed with knowledge, i cleared any doubts sa isip ko.

            sa 6 weeks palang wala na ko anxiety. lam mo ginawa ko sa 6 weeks na yun? i concentrated on completing something (a game, project, etc).

            tigilan ang what ifs. yan ang source ng anxiety mo.

          • Joe says:

            Kasi dalawang bese na ako nagpatest saka with condom yun sex ko sa babae.. Ang hirap prantV kailangan ko ng phsychiatric nito.. Nagpapanic ako minsan malakas pitik ng puso ko..???

          • kon says:

            kulit mo Joe. your test proves you did not caught it. Ano ba gusto mong mangyari?
            kung hindi ka masiyahan sa result mo, pa test ka ulit. i will not reply to you again.

  32. wombat says:

    napaka saya ko! alam nyo yung feeling na kinakabahan ka….

    mag reretest ulet ako after 3 months para sigurdo. Jan ang exposure ko.

  33. pidi says:

    ask ko lang po kasi i had sex with a therapist, no condom. top ako. Feb 2018, 1 year na nangyri yung sa therapist. i have a lover active kami sa sex. nasa abroad sya ngayon sa middle east. september 2018 nakaalis partner ko papunta middle east. dto and sa moddle east non reactive sya. twice a week kami mag sex ng partner ko no protection. pwede po bang wala ako hiv nyan.

    • Lloyd says:

      No to hula hula po….get tested

    • Imme says:

      Wala. Kung last possible exposure mo sa massge feb 18 2018, then after noon nang sex kau nang lover mo after nang therapist. No wala kayung hiv…kung meron man nag reactive na xa sa middle east… middle east test 3months pag tungtung mo nang middle east after 3 months ka e medical. Kasama na doon lahat 5 panel, syphlis, hepa b, hepa c, tb, hiv…yung lang ang medical doon para sa infctos diseas…

  34. Anonymous says:

    May chance ba magkahiv sa needle prick? At nasugan ng public na blade?

  35. Paolo says:

    Ask ko lng po nag ka gonnorhea po ako dahil sa vaginal indi po alam ng girl na may gonnorhea po sya at nag pa test po sya na negative ang kanyang result pero ako indi ako nag pa test natatakot ako sa result na makita ko

  36. QueenParanoia says:

    Lloyd tanong ko lng po dumaan kba din sa sobrang anxiety at stress halos paranoid na po? Panu mo na overcome po? Salamat

    • Lloyd says:

      Una I pray then i get tested until more than 6 months…..
      Pilit kung nirerelaks ang mind ko kase i know wala ako nyan.
      Nasa isip lang yan dapat kaya mo labanan..mahirap tlaga pero dapat mong gawin..wag papatalo.

      • QueenParanoia says:

        Salamat lloyd.. Hirap ka din ba mkatulog sa gabi nung tym na nagka anxiety ka?

      • QueenParanoia says:

        Anu trabaho mo ngayon lloyd?

        • Lloyd says:

          Wala ako problema sa pagtulog kase nga i relaks…nood ako movie and of cors napakaimportante ang prayers..ofw ako

          • QueenParanoia says:

            Nasa abroad kna ngayon lloyd?

          • pidi says:

            guys better patest na kyo. ako paranoid di,. at lahat ng nararamdaman ko inaassociate ko lahat sa hiv. tinatagan ko na loob ko after 3 mobths na paranoid ako. sabi ko sa sarili ko walang ibang tutulong sakin kundi sarili ko.if i get positive result hndi naman titigil ang mundo at hndi naman katapusan ko na, atleast mapaaghahandaan ko makakapag gamot if ever. 1 year mahigit exposure ko, unprotected anal sex, insertive ako. nabalitaan ko kasi namatay yung nakasex ko kaya naparanoid ako. awa ng Diyos negative ako. kanina ako nagpatest sa isang Social Hygiene Clinic near my place. NR hiv & syphilis. Nawala lahat ng worries ko.

  37. Jennymar bonganciso says:

    Hi ask ko lang kung may librj po bang treatment sa hiv, saka ask ko din po kung saan po ang laboratory na libri para po sa hiv salamat po.

  38. Jansen says:

    I’ve had a unprotected sex 3 years ago, and right now may mga nararamdaman ako na symptoms na usually di ko pa nararamdaman before. Pero I still doubt it na positive ako kase that person eh may anak na, the child is 2 years old na and i think healthy naman yung bata. Sana po may sumagot. Thanks in advance.

  39. Vic says:

    Kakatest ko lang ng ang 95 days ko. Selftest kasi sabi sa social hygiene clinic ay balik pa daw ako after 6 weeks. Negative ulit ang result ko. Ano kaya itong nararamdaman ko na sakit sa muscle ko. Particular sa both arm ko. Tingin nyo guys masasabi na kayang conclusive ito. Sabi kasi s social hygiene clinic balik pa ko after 6 weeks. Sabi nila para follow. Di nila masabi na conclusive 🙁

    • Anne says:

      Pinabalik ka it means negative

      • Vic says:

        Kung negative namn pala. Bakit bbalik pa ko 🙁 pakiramdam ko hnd pa nila masabi na conclusive. Di talaga mawala isipin ko

        • Vic says:

          Pinapabalik ako for retest daw

          • QueenParanoia says:

            Baka pra ma sure lng talaga na hindi ka infected kasi depende yan sa exposure mo kng very risky like unprotected kaya best advice nla is 3mos din repeat 6mos.. Pro sayo more than 3mos na so very sure na yan na NR after retesting..

            Ako nga ehh NR after 3mos sa protected sex ko hindi pa rin maalis sa isip ko paranoid pa rin.. Gusto ko pa retest another 3mos pra sure nah.. Takot pa rin ako..hahaha

          • QueenParanoia says:

            Anu ba exposure mo sir? Unprotected vaginal or anal?

          • Vic says:

            Uprotected vaginal and oral

        • QueenParanoia says:

          Yung mga nararamdaman mo dala lng ata yan ng pag iisip at anxiety pareho tayo ng nararamdaman wag rely sa sintomas, sa test tayo maniwala.. Nagka anxiety kba at paranoid bro? Ganyan yan humihina katawan natin..

          • Anonymous says:

            Ganyan din sa akin after 4 months ako nagpatest after exposure negative pero d pa rin maalis sa isip ko tuwing may nararamdaman ako.

          • Vic says:

            Oo nga sana hindi na magbago ang status ko. 95 days na kasi last exposure ko na unprotected vag and oral. Lagi kong kinakapa lymph nodes ko sa leeg kasi di mawala sipon ko. Hnd naman lumalaki lymph nodes ko. Minsan sumasakit mga kalamnan ko. May makati minsan. Hnd naman nagtatagal. Nawawala tapos bumabalik balik. Good luck sa mga tulad ko dito na same experience. Sana di na magbago status natin after window period

          • Anonymous says:

            Same tayo vic nglalamig at nanakit kalamnan ko d kasi mawala sa isip ko baka may hiv ako kahit alam ko NR ako , epikto kaya to ng anxiety ung nararamdaman ko?

  40. Heaven says:

    May probability ba na mag false negative nagun sa pilipinas 4 weeks nagpatest and non reactive kaso sipon ku dpa parin mawala at nanlalamig aq tuwing matutulog ng maayus

    • Lloyd says:

      4 weeks is not conclusive…go for 3 months mark.

      • Heaven says:

        My gumagamit pba ng 1gen at 2gen dto sa pilipinas

        • Heaven says:

          Iwan ku kc kung anung gen ginamit skin naalarma nku ung kapatid ku nilalagnat na bka nhawa kuna sia huhuhuhu.. naghihina prang my sore throat daw sia..ll

          • Lloyd says:

            Wlang 1st or 2nd….3rd gen sa pinas lalo s mga public at volunteer hospital meron 4th gen pero alam ko mahal yan….dko sure na sabi nila 4th gen na daw sa mga testing hubs.

    • Imme says:

      Good indication na ang 4weeks nasa baseline kana. Pa repeat ka nlng 12weeks para peace of mind…3rd gen mostly gamit natin rapid test…always gamit protection …

  41. QueenParanoia says:

    My experience is protected sex after 90days i tested nonreactive pro lge parin ako napaisip at humihina katawan prang bumaba immune system sa kakaisip. Sabi ng counselor conclusive na dw. Gusto ko lng malaman sa sino dito nka experience ng ganito panghihina anu ininum nyo po? Vitamins? Anung vits po? Maraming salamat po.

    • Lloyd says:

      Our mind is so powerful kung ano iniisip mo yan ang mangyari mimics.
      Kaya rest ur mind..alam ko mahirap pero u need to overcome that…ikaw lang talaga makakatulong sa sarili mo….kain ka lng mga gulay and multivitamins….biki ka sa GNC OR HEALTHY OPTIONS OR GAMIT KO IS INTRA AMD NUTRIA FROM LIFESTYLES…comnine the two amd its very powerful antioxidant and boost immune system….medyo mahal nga lang pero natural sya made from canada…matagal kona sya ginagamit.

      • QueenParanoia says:

        Thanks lloyd ang hirap talaga maalis sa utak anxiety.huhu nakaranas kasi ako ng sobrang stress at paranoid nung tym na hindi pa ako nkapagtest kaya ganito mahina katawan ko, sumasakit leeg ko prang stiff neck sa buong leeg.

      • QueenParanoia says:

        Magkanu po yung intra and nutria lloyd? Meron ba yan sa mercury drugstore?

        • Lloyd says:

          Wala po mercury drug store or amy drug store…suppkier or distributor po lang meron nyan direct from office…INTRA IS 1800 amd nutria is 1500..eron po kayo makikita nya sa mga herbal store locally…meron din sakin.

  42. CC says:

    Valid question. Please answer. Is love yourself using the 4th generation type of test? If not, what type of test are they using and what’s the window period for that type of test? Thank you.

    • Lloyd says:

      For conclusive test 3 months is tue best after the test kesyo 4ty or 3rd gen pa yan papaukit parin sayo after 3 months of exposure…DOH said 3 to 6 months.
      Usually 3rd gen ang test na gunagamit sa mga givernment testing hub kase mahal ang 4th gen….may nagsasabi na 4th gen na daw ang mga testing hub which i dont know.

    • Imme says:

      If you say 4th gen. They using combi hiv1/2 antigen/antibodies depend sa test na ginagamit, 3rd gen. Antibodies lng ang hinahanap sa kit reaction nang katawan…

      • CC says:

        I will definitely retake the test on the 90th day pero meron po ba kayong alam na nag NR ng 48 days more or less tapos nag positive after 90 days?

        • Imme says:

          Kasi baseline 28days. Sa 4th gen. Msg 6weeks i think indi ka nahawaan. Kasi kung nahawaan ka nag react na yung katawan mo 2 to 3 weeks after exposure..kung my doubts ka. Repeat ka nlng 90 days para clear mind..

  43. Angelo Bartolome says:

    Hi good evening! I’m Angelo 21 years old from Mandaluyong City. Gusto ko lang po kasi malaman kung bakit po ako pumapayat though wala naman akong nararamdaman. Nagkaroon ako ng pharyngitis I don’t know if it’s related to HIV. May gana naman ako kumain and nag research narin ako regarding HIV symptoms and wala naman ako nun yet I’m still worried.
    And feeling ko lage ako puyat kahit tama naman sa oras sleep ko.
    Pwede po ba makahingi ng advise?
    Thank you!

  44. Jhuville rhy l. Miro says:

    Ahm hi po….. Gusto ko lang sanang itanong at ibahagi sa inyo ….. Nag swimming po kami tapos ako habang papunta po sa mga kaibigan ko ,bigla po akong na tumba at hindi ko po alam kung saan galing yung needle na parang gamit para sa injection at don na tusok po ako …. Ask ko po if pwede po ba magkaroon ng hiv dahil po sa natusok ako sa hindi ko alam kung saan galing yung syringe ??? At ngayon po nakakaranas napo ako ng pagkahilo at saka pagkakaron po nang fever ….. Mag wawan 1 week na po ito….ano po ba dapat kung gawin?

    • Lloyd says:

      No way No How
      Stoo searching
      Stop internet
      Anxiety and stress yan….
      Lumayo ka sa net…kung wala ka namn tkaga exposure na iba why worry.

  45. CC says:

    Anong type po ba ng test ang ginagamit sa love yourself premium? At ano po ang window period sa type of test na ginagamit nila?

    • Toolshot says:

      Hiv screening test po.. sbi ng medical tech. 2 weeks pumunta aq n.r po balik ka after one month sbi nia po. So bumalik aq tinanung kupo sia doc if my tama ba aq mkikita nba oo sbi nman nia.. how accurate po ba un??

  46. Kirce says:

    Please help nman po how can i have free HIV meds papaano ang procedure napaparoid na kasi ako hindi na ako makakakuha ng trabaho please help me guys who are positive sa HIV u can message me also sa messege ko just pm me kirce sarch

    • Toolshot says:

      4 weeks antibody ok npo ba sbi nman ng medical techonologist ok npo daw. Im so paranoid..

      • QueenParanoia says:

        Bro wag ka muna mag isip na positive ka.. Patest ka muna bago ka maparanoid jan.. Relax lng wyl waiting sa window period bro at magdasal ka humingi ka ng kapatawaran..

  47. Nikoo says:

    Guys mag pa test kayo. Wag kayo mahiya.. ano naman kung maririnig ng ibang tao na magpapatest ka for HIV? Di naman nila kayo kilala. Mas mahirap kung papatagalin nyo lang. Mas kakalat ung virus. Kanina nga magpapacheck sana ako sa HMI diagnostics kaso tuesday and thursday lang free testing nila. Ung isang babae di makapaniwala na magpapatingin ako for HIV results kahit nakausap pa niya ako kanina. Patingin na habang maaga pa!

  48. Kei says:

    Hi regarding sa case nung kay Ali.. posible po ba na magpositive sa std, hepa o hiv using sex toys? Last exposure ko this Jan 3 protected sex naman po pero before nun i’ve been using sex toys na for years. No condom at minsan no sanitation. Gusto ko lang po makasigurado kasi nakakaparanoid lalo na at nakakaramdam ako ng chills at flu-like fever, then headache, may konting rashes na din sa skin ko. Ask ko lang kung may risk yung paggamit ng toys at pwede sya maging cause ng std. Thank you

  49. Sisa says:

    Hi question po reliable na ba talaga ang HIV Test 6 weeks after exposure? NagpaHIV at STD test kasi ako ngayon sa Klinika Project 7 Social Hygiene Clinic and according sa counsel reliable na daw po yung result dahil 4th generation test na ang gamit nila pwede na daw mag move-on

    Gaano po katotoo ito?Non Reactive po kasi ako sa infection , hiv,syphilis and hepa B hindi ko sure kung maniniwala po ako 🙁

    • kon says:

      believe your counselor. he/she is probably speaking from experience. marami nagpapatest jan.
      kung protected sex ang last engagement mo, then wala ka dapat ipagalala. stay safe.

  50. Ali says:

    Hi good morning I just wanna ask kung possible na magkaSTD ka using objects? Nag aalala lang po kasi ako sa ate ko. Last exposure nya with her former partner 1 year ago and sabi naman nung bf nya negative sya pero up to now sobrang nadedepress na sya to the point na nag drop sya this semester. Ang laki din ng pinayat nya and she told me na nagkakarashes sya pati sa private part nya, lagi syang matamlay at palaging nanghihina, madalas din yung pagsakit ng tyan nya then parang nasusuka. Pinayuhan sya nung friends nya na magpatest daw pero sabi nya natatakot sya kasi baka itakwil sya kaya itatanong ko lang po kung may chance ba na magka STD o HIV kung gumagamit ng toys? Sya lang naman daw gumagamit nun at hindi pinapagamit sa iba pero minsan nakakalimutan daw nya hugasan o isanitize before and after gamitin. Madami na din daw syang nagamit. May risk po ba yun? Please po pasagot naman po baka san pa mapunta yung pagaalala nya.. salamat po

    • James says:

      Using sex toys has minimal risk o maliit lang ang risk unless hindi sterile o nadisinfect. Payuhan mo siya na magpakonsulta. Sinamahan pa ng anxiety talagang malakas makaapekto sa katawan ang anxiety. Tanging pagpapaatingin o pagpapatest lang ang makakasagot.

      • Ali says:

        Possible pa rin po ba kahit iisang owner lang o ikaw lang talaga yung gumagamit? She uses 5 different toys eh simpleng hugas at sabon lang ginagawa nya. Salamat po sa reply

        • Lloyd says:

          The answer is how for hiv…bacteria pwede kaya better patest para hindi nababaliw sa kakaisip sa wala…pustahan tayo 1 million pesos walang hiv yan…ibang sakit baka lang kase madumi un….goodluck

          • Ali says:

            Thank you sa response! Medyo nakakabahala lang kasi lalo na hindi open minded family namin regarding sa sakit na to. Kaya kahit ako nag aalala. Salamat po!!!

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