HIV Testing in the Philippines – What you need to know and what you must know.

HIV Testing in the Philippines – How to get tested.

The Department of Health now ranks Philippines as one of the countries that has the fastest growing HIV epidemic in the world with a prevalence rate of 5% nationwide. There is a 20-25% prevalence rate in Metro Manila and 15-20% prevalence rate in Cebu. This rate dwarfed the prevalence rate in South Africa, which has the largest population of HIV positive individuals in the world, with a mere 4.7%. Prevalence rate refers to the percentage of individual affected by the disease at specific time. With that in mind, we can say that right now, in a population of 110 Million Filipinos, there are 5.5 Million individuals currently living with HIV.

Mere 5 years ago when I started making this blog, The Philippines is a low prevalence country with less than 1% of the population affected by HIV. This rapidly growing epidemic if left uncontrolled will eventually make The Philippines at par with South Africa with 1 out 10 individuals affected with HIV. So what went wrong? As a nurse with 15 years experience handling HIV cases and working actively with HIV positive individuals, here are my personal conclusions, do take note that this conclusions are not even close with the official conclusion of the Department of Health on why HIV became a rapidly growing epidemic in The Philippines. I personally think that their conclusion is too traditional and not in touch with the modern activities of our youth.

  1. DOH says that the resistance of the Church to some forms of birth control is a contributing factor on the HIV epidemic right now. I say that HIV is most commonly seen in the young population. A population that makes their own decision and is rebellious to the church teachings. Though the Church could have cause some sort of contribution, I do believe that the lack of sex education in our school particularly to our youth is a more blameable culprit than the Church. Did you know that people ages 14 to 30 makes up the 95% of newly diagnosed HIV cases each month and the median age of affected individual for the last 5 years is just 28 years old?
  2. DOH says prostitution or sex for money is a contributing factor of the epidemic and should be eradicated. I say that, prostitution cannot be eradicated. Since the dawn of human civilization, there is prostitution and it is something that is very hard to control much less eradicated from our society. What DOH can do is to provide an ID system and free monthly checkup to our sex workers to protect them as well as the people that they serve. This will also encourage the client to only have sex with a “clean” sex worker. This will also further educate our sex workers on proper ways of protecting themselves from different sexually transmitted infection as well as unwanted pregnancy.
  3. DOH says that persons under 18 who wants to test for HIV should require parental consent. I say that, I have clients with HIV at age 13, 14, 15… and that is because of failure in health promotion. The accessibility of casual sex thru apps like Grindr and other dating apps makes it very easy for 2 complete strangers to have sex consensually and thus, spreading the virus like wildfire to our young and techie population. These individuals would never dare to ask their parents permission to go with them and get tested, our culture against premarital sex and our bigotry against the LGBT makes it impossible to do so. HIV testing should be accessible to ANYONE at ANY AGE on their own volition.


It is estimated that there 1,000 reported HIV cases per month since the 6 months of 2016. At that rate, we can assume that there are 30 to 50 reported HIV cases daily. This does not include unreported cases. Unreported cases are HIV positive individuals who do not know they are infected. The epidemic growth rate is about 200% per year. This means that if not controlled, we could see a tenfold growth of HIV cases (300-500 cases per day) within the next 10 years.



One of the most important thing to do to prevent transmission is knowing your status. HIV is a very controllable disease as long as it is detected early and has not yet done major damage to your organs most specially the Liver, Kidneys and the Brain. There are many ways of getting tested for HIV in the Philippines. We will discuss each of them, one by one including their advantages and disadvantages.

I. Hospitals

Testing by going to hospitals is one of the most common means of getting tested. There are 5 hospitals in our country that specializes with HIV counseling and testing as well as referrals in case you tested positive and needing further treatment. In no particular order: RITM, San Lazaro Hospital, St. Lukes Medical Center both in Quezon City and Global, Makati Medical Center and Medical City in Ortigas. Do take note that the cost for HIV testing is around 1,100 to 3,800 in the private hospitals I mentioned.

PROS: If done correctly, results are very accurate. This is also the only results acknowledged in various employment and immigration requirements.

CONS: There is always an issue with regards to privacy and confidentiality getting tested  in any hospital. Though privacy is protected by our health care professionals, there are many incidents of information leakage caused by poor protocol with regards to transfer of information such as students getting free access to medical records without permission or a slip of tongue during a conversation of one of the member of the health care team handling the HIV case. Hacking is another risk when it comes to electronically stored medical information and records of medication being dispensed from the Pharmacy and to whom.

When it comes to public hospitals, though uncommon, there are recorded cases of results being switched between patients. It is not unheard of that a certain person tested positive though in reality, he is negative simply because a specimen sample was incorrectly labeled with his name. Lapse in judgment and concentration of our overworked and underpaid medical professionals is the main culprit in most cases.

II. Free tests done by Volunteer groups

HIV Test Philippines
We have friendly, volunteer groups that do testing for free. You can call them and schedule a visit and let them know that you are interested in getting tested.

#1850 Leon Guinto Street, Malate, Manila.
Contact: 353-8922

Unit 5, 3/F, Anglo Building, #715-A Shaw Boulevard, Mandaluyong City.
Contact: 0915-366-5683

PROS: Free and they offer counselling as well. Staff are very friendly, professional and trained.

CONS: Privacy and result confidentiality are concerns when it comes to free and public testing. Though trained, innocent conversations could lead to information leakage both consciously and unconsciously. There are cases wherein a Volunteer saw a recently positive patient in the mall and told his friend that “That guys just tested positive yesterday.”

III. HIV testing kits

HIV Testing in The Philippines Home Kit

Advanced home test kits like Fujibio HIV kit has 99.9% accuracy similar to that of Hospital based testing.

Testing kits are widely used as the main method in HIV detection in some hospitals and hygiene clinic. All free testing done by volunteer groups uses HIV test kits. HIV testing hubs also uses HIV kits. Medical missions and workplace testing will usually use HIV testing kits. They are easy to use with result at 99.9% accuracy seen in mere 10 minutes. The common brands in The Philippines are Fujibio and SD Bio. Fujibio is Japanese made and Japan FDA approved while SD Bio is Korean made and Korean FDA approved. Both should give an accurate result with 99.9% certainty similar to that of hospital based testing. Only Fujibio HIV test kits are the only one you can buy online.Fujibio FDA Japan Approval CertificateFujibio’s Japan FDA Registration. Click photo to enlarge.

PROS: Very easy to use and results are very accurate. FDA Japan Approved. Do note that here in The Philippines, FDA does not approve any home test kits to encourage hospital only testing. I would personally recommend testing using test kits first as to give you an accurate idea of your status before going to the hospital. That way, you will know that you will test negative or positive in advance privately. It is also very convenient and you are assure that only you will know the result. Fujibio hiv test kits being sold online also offers free counseling.

CONS: Since the person that bought the kit will usually test himself or herself, Anxiety could lead to testing delay. Some people will contemplate for weeks before using the test kits and then eventually forgets that he bought one.

A positive HIV test using an HIV Home Test Kit


If you used any of my recommendations above in getting tested and you tested positive, DO NOT DESPAIR. HIV is a very controllable disease and achievement of undetectable viral load is the treatment goal. Living a normal life is very possible with HIV as long as treatment is started and adherence to the treatment regimen is established. We have 2 options in getting treated.

Research Institute for Tropical Medicine (RITM)

RITM is the premiere and the leading facility in The Philippines when it comes to antiretroviral drug distribution as well as treatment for HIV patients. This should be your first choice in obtaining confirmatory results and further treatment if the initial testing result was positive. RITM is more specialized than San Lazaro and could deal with serious HIV related complications such as Mycobacterium Bovis infection as well as cryptococcal infection of the brain.

For commuters:

  1. Take a bus or van going to Alabang.
  2. Look for the Muntinlupa Fire Station.
  3. Ride a UV express/van or a multicab with a Filinvest Ikot route in front of the Orange Building and Festival Mall just besides the fire station.
  4. Tell the driver to drop you off at RITM.

Total estimated fare cost: 60 -120 Pesos.
For private vehicles:

  1. Proceed to SLEX.
  2. Exit at Filinvest.
  3. Turn left after the toll gate.
  4. RITM is just at the right side.


  1. Ensure that you arrive before 7:00 A.M for baseline testing. You will not be entertained if you arrive late.
  2. Once inside, simply proceed to the ARG clinic.
  3. Register.
  4. Proceed to the cashier and pay 150 pesos for the orange patient sheet.
  5. Proceed to ARG and await for your name to be called.
  6. CD4 testing for positive patients are available after 1:00 P.M except during Wednesdays and weekends.
  7. Distribution of antiretroviral drugs are given monthly. Maximum supply for 1 month is dispensed at the given schedule.
  8. Drugs should be free and is subsidized by Philhealth.

The Thai Red Cross Research Center

If you have the budget of about 25,000 pesos every 6 months, a possible alternative is getting tested and treated in Thailand. The Thai Red Cross Aids Research Center is one of the most advanced HIV treatment facility in the world eclipsing RITM. They use the most advanced drugs that you need to only take once a day as compared to a cocktail of 2-3 medications that the Philippines still uses. Blood works such as CD4 testing is around 500 pesos and results are ready in 3 days. The medications used in TRCARC are the best medications available and is very cheap, it will only cost you about 10,000 pesos for your 6 months supply. This same medication costs about 80,000 per 1 month supply in the United States. It is cheaper in Thailand because it is subsidized by the Thai Government. You can only purchase 6 month supply of the drug as they will require you to come back every 6 months for monitoring your health status. This advanced medication is only taken once a day and has very little side effects. They look like Centrum tablets.

HIV Thailand Treatment

The Thai Red Cross AIDS Research Centre
Address: 104 Ratchadamri Road, Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330
(5 minutes’ walk from the Rajdamri BTS station and Silom MRT station)

Tel. (+66) 2-256-4107-9
Fax: (+66) 2-254-7577

DISCLAIMER: We here at HIV Test Philippines testify that opinions we expressed above are based on what we believe are facts. We are not paid by nor endorsing RITM, TRCARC and other hospitals or products mentoined above. Information above are based on what we think are best with regards to getting tested in the Philippines. Contributors here at HIV Test Philippines are HIV Counselors and are working actively for more than 5-15 years in HIV clinics in the Philippines.


  1. Coney m lalusin says:

    San makka order po ng kit

  2. Mr Window says:

    Hi Po ask ko lang po if gumagamit po ng 4th gen si Hi-precision? Ilang weeks ung window period nia Thanks.

  3. Mr.Anxious says:

    Sa kaparaningan ko. Tested 4 times already:
    Nov 2 – NR fujibo
    Nov 6 – NR fujibo
    Nov 8 – NR Testing hub (Sd bio)
    Nov 9 – NR Loveyourself white house

    Exposure (this year):
    May 6 – unprotected vaginal
    July 20- unprotected inoral ako ng girl

    Salamat sa Dios at NR. utang ko talaga sa Kanya apng pangalawang chance na ito. Sa mga natatakot, pa test na kayo guys, pwede sa kit muna para atleast may baseline kayo, then sa mga testing hub para may counseling.

  4. Jj says:

    Mahal po ba ang gamot ng HIV?

  5. Paranoid101 says:

    After po ba makipagsex ng unsafe sa total stranger pwede magpacheck ? Madadiagnose po ba agad iyon?

    • Harot says:

      Pwedeng pwede magpatest – with or without sex, safe or unsafe. Pwedeng magpatest kahit walang dahilan.

    • Harot says:

      Yes, in some clinics, it takes only under 2 hours to get the results.

      • Paranoid101 says:

        What if yesterday nkipagsex sa stranger tas positive pala sya. Nagworry ka kaya kinabukasan nagpacheck up ka madadiagnose ba agad un? And is it accurate since the incedent is just one day?

        • Lloyd says:

 have to wait for 6 weeks then repeat at 12 weeks kung yun lang exposure mo pero kung may past exposure kapa then get tested right away for ur baseline status then ulet ka nalng after 12 weeks.

          • James says:

            Nagkaroon po ako ng unintentional sex, we used condom, we kissed. In case po ba I may get infected by saliva contact. Kasi after 4 days having sex nagkalagnat ako parang trankaso. Ask ko Lang po if possible na magka hiv ako through salivary contact. At possible na medect agad if I will do HIV test.

    • Marx says:

      I heard sa TV… may “PEP” pill nadaw.. something like that… parang post sex anti hiv medication… cguro valid for 24-48hrs… pls research or go to loveyourself…

  6. Mr.Anxious says:

    Tested again, this time sa isang testing hub. Syphilis and hiv 1/2. And thanks to God non reactive.

    • Jane says:

      Mr. Anxious, gumamit din kau ng Fujibio home hiv test kit po di ba? Tapos negative result po kau sa kit bago ka nagpa-test sa testing hub? Tapos negative pa din ung results mo. Salamat nman accurate pala ang kit. May nagsabi kasi dito na di approved ng FDA ang Fujibio, nakakatakot tuloy. I get tested din po using Fujibio kit last May 2019 at Nov 1, 2019 both results were negative. May last exposure was Sept 2018 pa. So 8 months and more than one year na. Sana nman conclusive na po ung result ko na negative. Nakakapraning na din kasi mag-isip.

      Thanks in advance for replying Mr. Anxious

      • Mr.Anxious says:

        Uu, too yun na walang approval sa FDA. actually sabi ng counselor, wala daw talagang na approved sa FDA except ung ginagamit ng DOH.

        Pero sabi naman ng admin dito dati, approved ang fujibo sa japan, ewan ko lang kong totoo, wala naman document pinakita na approved nga. Pero sabi ng admin, kaya daw walang na approved sa fda para huwag e encourage yung iba na mag self test, kasi nga ealang mag ka counsel. Paano kong positive? Karamihan matatakot talaga at possible magtatago o baka worst mag suicide pa. So di, malalaman kong ilan talaga ang pos, kaya nga di nabibili sa mga drugstores ang hiv test para dun lang talaga sa mga testing hub/centers magpapatest. Yon lang alam ko base ss mga nababasa ko dito.

    • Jane says:

      Pwde ba kau makausap Mr. Anxious? Ito email add ko pls

  7. MomOf4 says:

    Got tested . Diko malaman bat pinaulit nakakatakot . Lalo nako napapraning sa mga naresearch q . Nagrepeat nako pero ayoko na kuhain resulta 7mos pregnant lalo lang ako naSstressed .. super takot . Paano na mga anak q . Got colds and cough now last week lang nirepeat . Sakit pa lalamunan q dahil sa ubot sipon . Fatigue kasi 4 anak q 2 malilit pa .Ano gagawin ko halos ako na yun naglalayo ng sarili q sa mga tao . Nakakadiri nako para sa lahat pagnagPositive yun . I can even attempt to just kill myself . ???? please reachOut

  8. Answer me please says:

    May case ba na sa inyo dalawa mabuo yung hiv I mean Di kayo contaminated parehas and at the same time kayo Lang din nagsesex na dalawa tapos sa inyo nabuo yun?

  9. Help me says:

    Possible ba na halimbawa kayong dalawa Lang ang nagsesex as in kayo Lang tapos sayo mabuo yung hiv May ganun ba na case?

  10. Help me says:

    Possible ba na halimbawa kayong dalawa Lang ang nagsesex as in kayo Lang tapos sayo mabuti yung hiv May ganun ba na case?

  11. concern says:

    For those na hindi nakabasa, may FDA warning po regarding Fujibio kits..hindi sila niregister kaya hindi sure ang accuracy. Pakihanap nalang po FDA warning 2018-149

    • Jane says:

      Concern, totoo ba yan sinasabi mo?

    • Concern says:

      Yan lang po ba maa/ser pano po yung ibang testing kit? Okay naman po sila?

    • Lloyd says:

      Hindi registered pero sa japan mismo approved yan..pakialam ng fda jan kung ayaw nila iapproved at hibdi namn naghahanap ng approval si fujibio sa kanila…base sa mga nagpositive dito via kit halos lahat sila gamit ay fujibio kaya trusted pa ng admin ang fujibio kesa sa sdbio base sa nabasa ko sa umoisa palang ng blog nato.

  12. Harot says:

    It’s not very accurate to say that HIV virus dies within seconds when exposed to air. According the the website of Center for Disease Control, copied and pasted below:

    HIV can live in a used needle up to 42 days depending on temperature and other factors.

  13. Paranoid says:

    Kapag Po ba May ilang sintom na gaya ng sa HIV patient tulad ng mga pantal,tonsillitis,and May nakakapansin po sakin na payat ako but Di po ako nilalagnat At wala Di rin po ako madalas na napapagod and yun Lang po napapansin ko na kagaya na mga sintomas ng HIV napaparanoid na Oo ako ilang araw na Di nawawala to possible po ba na Kahit Di ko nararamdaman yung lagnat At pagtatae and iba pang sintomas eh baka May HIV na din ako ? yung partner ko naman po walang nararamdaman na ganto and sya lang po ang kaunaunahan naka sex ko

    • kon says:

      get tested. no other way to know. DO IT ASAP.

      • Jane says:

        Sir Kon, need your advice lang po. I bought 2 kits of Fujibio and get tested last May 2019 and Nov 1, 2019. Both results were negative. My last exposure was Sept 2018. Conclusive na po ito Sir? Di kasi maalis ung anxiety attacks ko.

        Thanks in advance po sa reply ninyo Sir. God bless you po.

        • kon says:

          yes. as long as after 3 months yung test, results are good.

          not happy? get tested again.

          • Jane says:

            Salamat sa reply Sir Kon. Medyo kampante naman na ako dahil I get tested 8mos and after 1 year from last exposure. Sa totoo lang po, hawala din lahat ng nararamdaman ko kunyari mga symtoms when I learnt na negative ako. Minsan sa mind lang din talaga natin. Kaya mas maganda po talaga magtest para mawala lahat ng worries and what ifs. Salamat sa Fujibio kit at ngaun nakakatulog na ako ng mahimbing. And lesson learnt, mag-ingat po palagi.

            Maraming salamat sau Sir Kon. Thanks din kay God sa another life na binigay na. God bless po

  14. Paranoid says:

    Kapag Po ba May ilang sintom na gaya ng sa HIV patient tulad ng mga pantal,tonsillitis,and May nakakapansin po sakin na payat ako but Di po ako nilalagnat At wala Di rin po ako madalas na napapagod and yun Lang po napapansin ko na kagaya na mga sintomas ng HIV napaparanoid na Oo ako ilang araw na Di nawawala to possible po ba na Kahit Di ko nararamdaman yung lagnat At pagtatae and iba pang sintomas eh baka May HIV na din ako ?

    • Harot says:

      Hindi hinuhulaan kung may HIV o wala ang isang tao at hindi ibinabase sa sintomas. Get tested.

      By the way, don’t you know how to punctuate?

  15. Harot says:

    In response to curious:

    It’s not very accurate to say that virus will die within seconds when exposed to air. According to Center for Disease Control, and I copy and paste (check their website):

    HIV can live in a used needle up to 42 days depending on temperature and other factors.

  16. Hi po aks ko lang po saan po pwede mag pa free testing po dto sa Laguna

    • Taga laguna din ako says:

      Laguna Medical Center – HIV Testing Center at Sta. Cruz Laguna Social Hygiene Clinic – HIV Testing Center, Laguna Provincial Chest Center parehas sa Santa Cruz laguna

    • Tanga says:

      I may have Gonorrhea po but I think I also infected my current partner or she affected me, does that mean we have the same type of Gonorrhea and if we could take the same antibiotics if ever na magpacheck up po ako. Thankyou in advance

  17. Curious says:

    Hi po. Question lang. Kung ang hiv virus ay agad namamatay seconds lang sa labas ng ating katawan. E paano po yung mga nagtetest gamit yung mga pangprick lang. Diba need pa pisilin ang daliri para palabasin ang dugo so umaabot din ng ilang seconds yun. Paano yun patay na ba ang virus nun kapag naitest na??

    • Mr.Anxious says:

      Uu nga naman. Natatakot ba naman ako. Ano nga bah, sana may admin o makasagot dito

    • kon says:

      you must understand how the test work.
      ELISA test (3rd and 4th gen) – looks for ANTIBODIES created by your body which takes up to 3 months.
      NAAT (PCR} – looks for the virus particles. most accurate test available in shorter period.

      buhay man or patay yung virus, both tests will detect infection.

      this is available from a simple Google search.

      • Mr.Anxious says:

        Sir kon, pa reply naman po regarding sa naging test ko.

        Tested again using the other kit (fubibo-cause i purchased 2 kits) a while ago, first test was last November 2, 2019- NR. Counted 184 days after unprotected vaginal sex, 109 days after unprotected oral, 83 days after kissing from today, and Salamat sa Dios 1 line pa din ang lumabas sa C section which is according sa manual NR or negative siya.

        Until now i still have 1 swollen nodes sa ilalim ng left jaw ko at pinagpapawisan ako ng malamig at inuubo minsan(dry) pero di naman always. Does this mean what am feeling right now is not HIV related? Pls help.

        • kon says:

          you must be sick from something else other than HIV. kissing doesn’t transmit HIV.
          As long as 3 months AFTER your last exposure ka nag test, the result you get is conclusive.

          so… sa case mo NR. you can trust na NR parin yan if you tested again GIVEN na wala kang bagong risky exposure. what you need is proper counseling. i suggest, visit a clinic (kahit sa free like LYS) so you can ask the counselor everything you need.


        • Marx says:

          HIV lng ba sakit ng tao? Go see an INTERNAL MEDICINE physician

        • kon says:

          nagreply ako last night pero hindi lumabas for some reason.

          kissing doesn’t transmit HIV.
          your result is pretty much a VERY GOOD indication na wala kang HIV. congrats.

          lastly, you might be sick from something else.
          still not happy? get tested again.

        • MomOf4 says:

          San nakakabili nian kit po? Magkano

      • Curious says:

        Aaah. So mamamatay ang virus pero hindi na makakahawa sa iba. Pero kahit mamatay ang virus sa blood or semen kung may hiv ka madedetect parin. Tanong po ulit. Paano kung ang isang semilya na nasa isang sex toy ay hindi nahugasan at binalutan agad ng plastic packaging roll, tapos may gumamit na ibang tao. May posibilidad ba na makahawa yon? Salamat ulit sa sasagot.

        • Harot says:

          4 conditions for successful transmission of HIV
          E – exit. Lumabas ba ang fluid mula sa katawan?
          S – sufficiency. Hindi ko alam kung ano ang minimum amount/volume ng fluid para matawag na sufficient.
          S – survival. May mga factors na bumubuhay sa HIV kahit nag-exit na sa katawan.
          E – entry. Kailangan na makapasok sa blood stream ang HIV through the mucous membranes o diretso sa blood vessels.

          It’s not very accurate to say that HIV dies immediately when exposed to air.according to the website of Center for Disease Control, “ HIV can live in a used needle up to 42 days depending on temperature and other factors.”

          Sa tingin mo, ano ang sagot sa tanong mo?

      • Curious says:


        Aaah. So mamamatay ang virus pero hindi na makakahawa sa iba. Pero kahit mamatay ang virus sa blood or semen kung may hiv ka madedetect parin. Tanong po ulit. Paano kung ang isang semilya na nasa isang sex toy ay hindi nahugasan at binalutan agad ng plastic packaging roll, tapos may gumamit na ibang tao. May posibilidad ba na makahawa yon? Salamat ulit sa sasagot.


        • kon says:

          the virus is actually difficult to contract. it needs to be directly transmitted, for example during intercourse.

          not an expert, im just quoting down what i have read.
          if you cannot trust that, get tested. good luck.

  18. Jeppy says:

    After 1 yr po kayang pagkaka exposure maagapan pa ba agad ??

    • Harot says:

      Maaagapan for what? One you have the virus, it stays with you until your last breath. If you haven’t tested, get one so you would know the appropriate actions to take IF positive.

    • kon says:

      if you are diagnosed REACTIVE/positive. then yes, meds will prevent you from having AIDS, which leads to death

  19. MARKINO says:

    hi po ask ko lang if part ba ng HIV yung pagkakaroon ng pigsa/boils kc nagkaroon ako ng pigsa and multiple pababalik balik and i had operation po sa pigsa. no other sypmtops po ang lumabas pero sabi ng doctor ko better daw po mag pa hiv test ako. and before it happens pala i had sex unprotected girl na dati ko friend .

  20. Renz says:

    Hello do we have vaccine for anti hiv?

  21. Mr.Anxious says:

    Tested again using the other kit (fubibo-cause i purchased 2 kits) a while ago, first test was last November 2, 2019- NR. Counted 184 days after unprotected vaginal sex, 109 days after unprotected oral, 83 days after kissing from today, and Salamat sa Dios 1 line pa din ang lumabas sa C section which is according sa manual NR or negative siya.

    Until now i still have 1 swollen nodes sa ilalim ng left jaw ko at pinagpapawisan ako ng malamig at inuubo minsan(dry) pero di naman always. Does this mean what am feeling right now is not HIV related? Pls help.

    • Falls says:

      Have you been to a testing hub? Hindi reliable si Fujibo..swollen nodes are the very sign of positive

      • Mr.Anxious says:

        Yes. Ive been to 2 testing hubs. Thanks God NR. Nagpunta na tin ako sa isang doctor Na ID..Wala naman daw akong swollen nodes. Yun sabi nya. Kinapa nya leeg ko.

  22. Kira says:

    Di pa bro. Balak ko umorder ng kit. Natatakot nga ako eh

    • Mr.Anxious says:

      Balak ko patest sa testing hub din sa cebu. Dasal lang bro. Di tayo papabayaan ng Dios. Nung nagtest ako naiyak talaga ako. Utang ko talaga sa Dios ang second chance na to.

      • Anne says:

        Try sa link 2 care..may councilling sila garap mismo gawin ang test

        • Mr.Anxious says:

          Yes nagounta ako dun at nagpatest. Salamat sa Dios negative result ako.last expo is july 20, inoral ng isang girl..tested dun last november 8, NR result. Tested agaib at love yourself white white last november 9, thanks God, negatives result pa din.

  23. kpop says:

    Hi po! I had unprotected oral sex to a sex worker (nag bj po sa akin)! nagpa test po ako 2 weeks after ng exposure NAT screening! conclusive na ba yan na negative ako?

  24. kpop says:

    Hi po! I had unprotected oral sex sa isang sex worker (nag bj po sa akin ung sex worker)! kinakabahan po ako kaya nag pa test ako ng NaT blood screening after 2 weeks! conclusive na ba un na negative ako sa Hiv? tnx!

  25. Kevin says:

    ask ko lang po san po sa Pampanga meron free testing at medication sa me symptoms of STI (gonorrhea)

  26. Norman says:

    Negative ako sa fujibio 7 weeks after exposure, ano po ang probability na totoong negative po ako? Sobrang paranoid ko na po, di ko po alam anong gagaiwn ko. Iniisip ko parati kung may sakit ba tlaga ako.

  27. Mr.Anxious says:

    Tanong lang may cases naba dito na negative sa fugibo at 3 months. Tas positive sa hospital o testing hubs (assuming no new exposure). Pls guys sana may makasagot. D na kasi active yong admin.

    • Harot says:

      Why don’t you attend a group HIV orientation/counselling. There is loveyourself White House in Cebu. Taga Cebu ka diba? Check their FB page.

      • Mr.Anxious says: planning bro. Pero regarding dun sa naging result ng testkit. May aasahan ba ako dun? Hindi na kasi nagbreply sa rmail ung taga hivtestkit. Ewan ano na nangyari. Di naman biro biro yong tungkol sa hiv
        , wala pang counseling, di pa nag rwreply.

        • kon says:

          this is why I’m against testing with your own. in the end hindi ka rin satisfied sa result.
          visit a clinic and get tested again or for counseling

  28. Mark says:

    I had unprotected sexual contact with a girl last september 12, a week later umuubo ako at nagkaoon ng headaches. Nagtatae rin ako for 1day at some point. Immediately pumasok sa isip ko na posssible nhawaan ako ng hiv. A week after that, nagkaroon ako ng allergies sa oagkain na normally never ako nagkaroon ng allergies, then we went on a trip, I developed rashes on certain parts of my body (legs, sides, and back). Nagkaroon rin ako ng muscle pain sa neck, back, arms, and legs. Super paranoid na ako so I decided to purchase fujibio home hiv test kit. Kkaarating lng nya kanina and I tested negative. I guess dahil sa anxiety lng talaga ang headaches and body pain. Yung rashes naman kasi kinagat ako ng insecto during our trip, hehe. So ayun, tip ko lng tlaga is to get tested. Prolonged anxiety could cause physical symptoms such as headache, muscle pain, diarrhea to name a few.

  29. Goodman says:

    Sir Lloyd ako nakakaranas ng nausea at vomiting last risky exposure ko is nung oct 19 posible ba na mahawa ako sa isang girl na may hiv sa pagpapahid ng vaginal fluid nya sa opening ng penis ko.. Salamat po

  30. Patty says:

    Last October may nameet ako at may nangyari samin, kinabukasan chinat nya ako if may uti ba ako or something kasi nahihirapan daw sya umihi so I told him na wala akong sakit o kung ano man. Kinabukas ako naman ang nagkasakit, umabot sya ng 39.6 and nagswollen yung lymph ko sa neck at groin. Possible kaya positive ako sa hiv?

  31. patricia says:

    Last October may nameet ako at may nangyari samin, kinabukasan chinat nya ako if may uti ba ako or something kasi nahihirapan daw sya umihi so I told him na wala akong sakit o kung ano man. Kinabukas ako naman ang nagkasakit, umabot sya ng 39.6 and nagswollen yung lymph ko sa neck at groin. Possible kaya positive ako sa hiv?

  32. Gelo 92 says:

    Hi Po tanong ko lang po malaman may nabj po kasi ako na sex worker nag 69 kami ( sorry sa word) no anal sex last oct 5 po…kinabahan po ako kaya after 2 weeks i got tested sa hi-precision po sa pasig non reactive naman po cmia hiv test po ung ginamit gaano po kaya un ka accurate po? Need ko pa po bang bumalik after 3 months slamat po may expiration po kasi ung result ..slamat po

  33. karen says:

    Hi good day, ask ko lang po i got exposed po to possible person na infected ng hiv so naparanoid po ako, though hindi ko siya kinumpronta. Nagpatest ako like after a month of exposure at non reactive po Salamat sa Panginoon. At ngayon after ko po nakabasa ng mga stories about hiv po is nangangamba ako at nasa 49days na ako ngayon after sa first exposure ko po. Wala naman po ako symptoms pero nangangamba po ako. Possible ba na madetect na ang antibodies if magpapa test ako this week ? SD bioline 1/2 3.0 through blood sa veins po ginawa sa akin nung nagpatest ako after a month.

  34. Mr.Anxious says:

    Ginamit ko fujibo kit kanina. Isang line sa c lang lumitaw. Wala namang faint line sa T. Tanong ko lang conclusive na ba yun? Kwento ko na lang din exposure ko this year, last february 2019 (friend 1) oral sex with a girl vice versa, may 2019 (ex gf) unprotected vaginal, july 20, 2019 (friend 2) oral sex with a girl, ako yong sinubo nya at nag cum sa mouth nya (sorry sa term). And around august purely kissing (friend 3). Yan ang naging mga exposure ko this year, previous years may mga unprotected vaginal din and no anal experience ever since.

    • Harot says:

      Congrats. May 2019 is your exposure because of unprotected vaginal intercourse. So counting from that exposure, your test today is already way beyond 6 weeks from exposure, and Fujibio claims it can detect HIV infection as early as six weeks.

      No faint line is good, which indicates NR. If this will not appease you, get tested in clinics or hospitals for your peace of mind. If I were you, I’ll just enjoy breathing without worries.

      • Mr.Anxious says:

        Salamat sa pag reply po. At higit sa lahat Salanat sa Panginoong Dios, utang ko talaga sa kanya ang second chance na to.

        Pero may tanong lang ako, may kulani padin kasi ako sa left side ng jaw ko, kong papatingin ako sa doctor, anong doctor ba lalapitan ko? At saka pinagpapawisan din ako ng malamig basta nagpapawis ako. Di ko na alam talaga kong ano nangyayari sa akin. Sana po ma advisan po, busy kasi siguro yong sa email sa fujibo testkit, medyo matagal tagal kasi silang nag rereply.

    • Kira says:

      Bro paano ka bumili ng fujbio? Balak ko kasi iaddress sa company ko, LBC ba nila pinadedeliver yun? Or pinickup mo lang sa lbc branch?
      Parang lazada or shoppee lang din ba yun na itetext ka pag nandyan na sila sa harap nf bahay or company mo. Saka ilang days bago ideliver. Salamat

      • Mr.Anxious says:

        Uu. Mas maganda pick up mo na lang. Click mo yonh link sa taas sa kit para mag order, pwede thru paypal o bank ka mag bayad.

      • Kira says:

        So pick up lang din sayo bro. Ilang days bago mo na received?

        • Mr.Anxious says:

          5 days ata yung sakin bro..taga san ka? Ano exposure mo? Sana nga negative na talaga ako. d naman nag reply sa email yong taga kit. Pinakita ko sa kanila yong picture ng result.

        • Kira says:

          Pacheck ka nalang din sa clinic kung di ka sure. Ako gang ngayon may kaba pa talaga.
          Exposure ko, inoral ako ng girl. Tas sa sex. May condom naman ako saka di ganun katagal yung sex, di nga ako nakapag penetrate. Natatakot lang ako kasi baka may chance sa oral or baka may nakalusot sa condom dahil sa maling lagay. Its my first time kasi at sa sex worker pa 🙁

  35. Mark says:

    Umiinit yung katawan ko tapos hindi ako makakatulog pag gabie po.

  36. Bee says:

    Makukuha po ba agad yung result nung HIV test? Thank you po.

  37. Curious says:

    Good Day sa inyong lahat
    Magtatanong lng po ako kasi po nakipag sex po ako sa isang sex worker and sigurado nmn po ako gumamit ng condom and di nmn na sira ung condom and last 3 mins lng ung sex nmin and then inOral ko po ung girl pero wla nmn akong kahit anong sugat sa bibig dahil sa sobrang paranoid ko nag pa test agad ako after 2 days of contact non reactive nmn po ung result
    Kung mag papa Test po ulit ako ilang weeks po ang pinaka accurate?
    For ur own perspective possible po ba ako mahawaan ng HIV kahit nag condom po ako
    Hoping po for ur Reply

    • kon says:

      6 weeks earliest and 3 months conclusive pag sa mga free testing sites.
      1 month conclusive pag sa mga private hospitals using 4th generation test. prepare at least 2000.

      HIV from oral, low chance pero other STIs (herpes, gonorrhea, etc), possibly.
      worried about HIV? I advice don’t spend time thinking about it that much. but if you can’t help it, try making yourself busy.

      good luck

  38. Christian says:

    Good day po doc, im a boholano nakipagtalik po ako last month sept 29,who i thouht na hiv positive sya, after a week nagka UTI po ako,pero nawala naman po after a week,
    Last oct 19 nagkaroon po kami ng event ang aming company with the city fire department,which involve physical endurance and muscle strength,nagkaroon po ako ng muscle cramps,nawala namn po after a few days,after po non bigla nalang po sumakit lalamunan ko at nagkaubo po ako….iwan lang po kng dahil lang po ba yon sa panahon kasi mainit sa umaga tapos bigla nalang umolan…after po non yon na po….pero hindi po ako nagkalagnat…..hangang ngayon may ubo papo ako..advice po doc at meron po ba testing center dito sa bohol for hiv?

  39. Ar ar says:

    Sir asked ko lang if possible na magkaroon ng HIV after months of having sex. May parang nana kasi sa may gilagid ko.

    • Harot says:

      If one is not careful, even a single sexual encounter may result in HIV infection, given that one of them is positive. Go see a dentist.

  40. JR says:

    Good day po doc, ask ko lang po if may possibility ba na maging HIV yung Chlamydia? Thank you po.

    • Robin says:

      Malaki lang chance magka hiv pag may chlamydia

      • Harot says:

        Chlamydia is bacterial and HIV viral. The former will not transform to latter .

        • JR says:

          Chlamydia won’t turn into syphilis if it’s left untreated for a long period of time. But it can cause PID — pelvic inflammatory disease — in women. PID is a serious infection that harms the reproductive organs. … Chlamydia is easy to treat with antibiotics, and testing for it is simple
          is this statement is true?

  41. Anjoe says:

    Hello po pag nagkawarts na po ba ari nyo posible ba HIV infection na? Way back 2017 po nagkaroon ako ng contact sa isang gay at nagka TB infection na rin po ako ..sana po may makasagot di ko na po alam ang gagawin ko lagi nalang ako nag iisip

  42. HERRON says:

    Hello, i kinda had sex with someone who i feel like is HIV positive (Kinda meaning sobrang bilis lang nung penetration wala pang 3 mins.) That was 2 days ago. Now i have colds and i think diarrhea. When should i get tested? And do you guys think im positive already?

    Note: ive been going out drinking since thursday till saturday morning so i dont know if maybe im just tired.

  43. Kiko says:

    Hello po doc. Doc kapag nagmamasterbation ka po ba may pusibilidad bang

    • Harot says:

      Kulang ang sentence mo, iho.

      “May posibilidad bang” ….. labasan.
      “May posibilidad bang” ….. magka-kalyo?
      “May posibilidad bang” ….. mabaog?

      Hindi ako doktor, By the way.

  44. Light says:

    Hi guys first sex ko po sa nakimeet ko online (Sept. 18) May condom naman ako, and then since fist sex ko nga po iyon, hindi po kami masyado tumagal. Inoral sex ako nung girl, tas yun..
    Nagwoworied lang ako na baka nahawaan ako 🙁 paano po ba umorder ng fujibio? Or kahit sino na pwede akong samahan mag pa test sa love yourself.
    Patext naman po dito 🙁 sasabog na po utak ko kakaisip.

    • kon says:

      you do not have HIV, based on your account. kaya relax lang sir.

      • Light says:

        Salamat sir kon.
        Pero base sa date exposure na sinabi ko. Okay na ba na gumamit ako ng fujibio? Medyo natatakot din kasi ako, hindi ko alam gagawin ko kung magpositive ako

        • Harot says:

          Fujibio claims its test kit can detect HIV 6 weeks post infection. Count weeks from a September 18 then get tested. HIV infection should be the least of all your worries. If I were you, I will be more concerned of other possible infection from oral sex.

          • Light says:

            Salamat Harot. May doubt nga rin ako na nakaget din ako ng infection through oral eh. Kasi nung nagpamedical ako 4 weeks after exposure, may bacteria na nakita sa urine ko, di naman inindicate kung anong bacteria. Nagbigay ng antibiotics, yung cipro ba yun, kaya feeling ko meron.
            And medyo natakot din kasi ako sa hiv kasi may mild Lymphocytenia sa blood ko, which is isa sa signs ng aids. Kaya question lang din sana kung ano yung pinaka early na weeks/months/year para taaman ka ng aids.. Salamat po.

          • Light says:

            Salamat harot. Actually, feelibg ko naget ak ng infection through oral. Nagpamedical kasi ako 4 after exp. And lumabas sa urine ko na may bacteria, di namab inindicate kung ano. Nag reseta ng antibiotics. Then, nag worry kasi talaga ako sa HIV kasi lumabas sa CBC ko nun sa medical na may mild Lymphocytopenia ako, which is isa sa sign ng HIV. Though mild lang pero nagwoworry ako. Another question, ano ba yung pinaka early days/weeks para dumating sa stage na aids? Natatakot kasi ako na baka mag go agad sa aids if ever(wag naman sana) na positive ako.
            Btw thanks for effort sa pag read ng message ko.

          • kon says:

            stop over thinking and take your meds without fail.
            AIDS na pag may opportunistic infections ka na (like TB, etc)

            kung mapilit ka, take the 4th gen test available sa private hospitals or sa san lazaro… 1 month lang window period.

          • Light says:

            Sige sir. Thanks sa advice at pagbasa ng message ko.

      • goodman says:

        Konsays tanong ko lamg po may exposure po ako last oct 19 then 2 weeks na po pabalik balik ang nausea ko at vomiting ginawa lang namin nung girl is binigyan nya ako ng oral sex without condom may risk ba na kung pinahid nya yumg vaginal fluid nya sa nutas ng penis ko na mahawa ako kung hiv positive man sya .. Salamat po sa sasagot

      • goodman says:

        May chance ba na mahawa ako sa girl ng hiv kung pinahid nya yung vaginal fluid nya sa opening ng penis ko .. Salamt po

  45. Mr.Anxious says:

    Wala nabang active dito? Baka may ibang group kayo na active. Ang dami ko talagang tanong.pls help. Guys

  46. Worried mom says:

    Hi po naka 3rd baby nako at lahat sila nahawaan ko ng syphelis ko po maliban sa partber ko negative poa sya pro lahat ng anak ko ngayun non reactive napo pro ako positive paren sa last test ko noong june pro naka Hiv test napo ako negative namn d kona po alam gagawen ko almost 4 years na po ako nag papagamot hnde kona po alam kong anong gagawen ko
    I have so many plans sa mga anak ko d ko alam kong may future pa sila I’M SCARED napo talaga

  47. Angel says:

    Hello po ask lang po, may green discharge po ako at malansa po ung amoy, at makati sa ari , sumasakit po yung puson ko minsan pati balakang ko po, minsan pati din sa suso, pag umiihi naman po ako di naman po masakit,

  48. Hide says:

    Hello. Ask ko lng po kung conclusive po ba ang 9 months last exposure ko january 2019 sa isang sex worker unprotected sex pero minsan anjan parin sa utak ko ang takot at minsan my musclepain akung naramdaman.

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