HIV Testing in the Philippines – What you need to know and what you must know.

HIV Testing in the Philippines – How to get tested.

The Department of Health now ranks Philippines as one of the countries that has the fastest growing HIV epidemic in the world with a prevalence rate of 5% nationwide. There is a 20-25% prevalence rate in Metro Manila and 15-20% prevalence rate in Cebu. This rate dwarfed the prevalence rate in South Africa, which has the largest population of HIV positive individuals in the world, with a mere 4.7%. Prevalence rate refers to the percentage of individual affected by the disease at specific time. With that in mind, we can say that right now, in a population of 110 Million Filipinos, there are 5.5 Million individuals currently living with HIV.

Mere 5 years ago when I started making this blog, The Philippines is a low prevalence country with less than 1% of the population affected by HIV. This rapidly growing epidemic if left uncontrolled will eventually make The Philippines at par with South Africa with 1 out 10 individuals affected with HIV. So what went wrong? As a nurse with 15 years experience handling HIV cases and working actively with HIV positive individuals, here are my personal conclusions, do take note that this conclusions are not even close with the official conclusion of the Department of Health on why HIV became a rapidly growing epidemic in The Philippines. I personally think that their conclusion is too traditional and not in touch with the modern activities of our youth.

  1. DOH says that the resistance of the Church to some forms of birth control is a contributing factor on the HIV epidemic right now. I say that HIV is most commonly seen in the young population. A population that makes their own decision and is rebellious to the church teachings. Though the Church could have cause some sort of contribution, I do believe that the lack of sex education in our school particularly to our youth is a more blameable culprit than the Church. Did you know that people ages 14 to 30 makes up the 95% of newly diagnosed HIV cases each month and the median age of affected individual for the last 5 years is just 28 years old?
  2. DOH says prostitution or sex for money is a contributing factor of the epidemic and should be eradicated. I say that, prostitution cannot be eradicated. Since the dawn of human civilization, there is prostitution and it is something that is very hard to control much less eradicated from our society. What DOH can do is to provide an ID system and free monthly checkup to our sex workers to protect them as well as the people that they serve. This will also encourage the client to only have sex with a “clean” sex worker. This will also further educate our sex workers on proper ways of protecting themselves from different sexually transmitted infection as well as unwanted pregnancy.
  3. DOH says that persons under 18 who wants to test for HIV should require parental consent. I say that, I have clients with HIV at age 13, 14, 15… and that is because of failure in health promotion. The accessibility of casual sex thru apps like Grindr and other dating apps makes it very easy for 2 complete strangers to have sex consensually and thus, spreading the virus like wildfire to our young and techie population. These individuals would never dare to ask their parents permission to go with them and get tested, our culture against premarital sex and our bigotry against the LGBT makes it impossible to do so. HIV testing should be accessible to ANYONE at ANY AGE on their own volition.


It is estimated that there 1,000 reported HIV cases per month since the 6 months of 2016. At that rate, we can assume that there are 30 to 50 reported HIV cases daily. This does not include unreported cases. Unreported cases are HIV positive individuals who do not know they are infected. The epidemic growth rate is about 200% per year. This means that if not controlled, we could see a tenfold growth of HIV cases (300-500 cases per day) within the next 10 years.



One of the most important thing to do to prevent transmission is knowing your status. HIV is a very controllable disease as long as it is detected early and has not yet done major damage to your organs most specially the Liver, Kidneys and the Brain. There are many ways of getting tested for HIV in the Philippines. We will discuss each of them, one by one including their advantages and disadvantages.

I. Hospitals

Testing by going to hospitals is one of the most common means of getting tested. There are 5 hospitals in our country that specializes with HIV counseling and testing as well as referrals in case you tested positive and needing further treatment. In no particular order: RITM, San Lazaro Hospital, St. Lukes Medical Center both in Quezon City and Global, Makati Medical Center and Medical City in Ortigas. Do take note that the cost for HIV testing is around 1,100 to 3,800 in the private hospitals I mentioned.

PROS: If done correctly, results are very accurate. This is also the only results acknowledged in various employment and immigration requirements.

CONS: There is always an issue with regards to privacy and confidentiality getting tested  in any hospital. Though privacy is protected by our health care professionals, there are many incidents of information leakage caused by poor protocol with regards to transfer of information such as students getting free access to medical records without permission or a slip of tongue during a conversation of one of the member of the health care team handling the HIV case. Hacking is another risk when it comes to electronically stored medical information and records of medication being dispensed from the Pharmacy and to whom.

When it comes to public hospitals, though uncommon, there are recorded cases of results being switched between patients. It is not unheard of that a certain person tested positive though in reality, he is negative simply because a specimen sample was incorrectly labeled with his name. Lapse in judgment and concentration of our overworked and underpaid medical professionals is the main culprit in most cases.

II. Free tests done by Volunteer groups

HIV Test Philippines
We have friendly, volunteer groups that do testing for free. You can call them and schedule a visit and let them know that you are interested in getting tested.

#1850 Leon Guinto Street, Malate, Manila.
Contact: 353-8922

Unit 5, 3/F, Anglo Building, #715-A Shaw Boulevard, Mandaluyong City.
Contact: 0915-366-5683

PROS: Free and they offer counselling as well. Staff are very friendly, professional and trained.

CONS: Privacy and result confidentiality are concerns when it comes to free and public testing. Though trained, innocent conversations could lead to information leakage both consciously and unconsciously. There are cases wherein a Volunteer saw a recently positive patient in the mall and told his friend that “That guys just tested positive yesterday.”

III. HIV testing kits

HIV Testing in The Philippines Home Kit

Advanced home test kits like Fujibio HIV kit has 99.9% accuracy similar to that of Hospital based testing.

Testing kits are widely used as the main method in HIV detection in some hospitals and hygiene clinic. All free testing done by volunteer groups uses HIV test kits. HIV testing hubs also uses HIV kits. Medical missions and workplace testing will usually use HIV testing kits. They are easy to use with result at 99.9% accuracy seen in mere 10 minutes. The common brands in The Philippines are Fujibio and SD Bio. Fujibio is Japanese made and Japan FDA approved while SD Bio is Korean made and Korean FDA approved. Both should give an accurate result with 99.9% certainty similar to that of hospital based testing. Only Fujibio HIV test kits are the only one you can buy online.Fujibio FDA Japan Approval CertificateFujibio’s Japan FDA Registration. Click photo to enlarge.

PROS: Very easy to use and results are very accurate. FDA Japan Approved. Do note that here in The Philippines, FDA does not approve any home test kits to encourage hospital only testing. I would personally recommend testing using test kits first as to give you an accurate idea of your status before going to the hospital. That way, you will know that you will test negative or positive in advance privately. It is also very convenient and you are assure that only you will know the result. Fujibio hiv test kits being sold online also offers free counseling.

CONS: Since the person that bought the kit will usually test himself or herself, Anxiety could lead to testing delay. Some people will contemplate for weeks before using the test kits and then eventually forgets that he bought one.

A positive HIV test using an HIV Home Test Kit


If you used any of my recommendations above in getting tested and you tested positive, DO NOT DESPAIR. HIV is a very controllable disease and achievement of undetectable viral load is the treatment goal. Living a normal life is very possible with HIV as long as treatment is started and adherence to the treatment regimen is established. We have 2 options in getting treated.

Research Institute for Tropical Medicine (RITM)

RITM is the premiere and the leading facility in The Philippines when it comes to antiretroviral drug distribution as well as treatment for HIV patients. This should be your first choice in obtaining confirmatory results and further treatment if the initial testing result was positive. RITM is more specialized than San Lazaro and could deal with serious HIV related complications such as Mycobacterium Bovis infection as well as cryptococcal infection of the brain.

For commuters:

  1. Take a bus or van going to Alabang.
  2. Look for the Muntinlupa Fire Station.
  3. Ride a UV express/van or a multicab with a Filinvest Ikot route in front of the Orange Building and Festival Mall just besides the fire station.
  4. Tell the driver to drop you off at RITM.

Total estimated fare cost: 60 -120 Pesos.
For private vehicles:

  1. Proceed to SLEX.
  2. Exit at Filinvest.
  3. Turn left after the toll gate.
  4. RITM is just at the right side.


  1. Ensure that you arrive before 7:00 A.M for baseline testing. You will not be entertained if you arrive late.
  2. Once inside, simply proceed to the ARG clinic.
  3. Register.
  4. Proceed to the cashier and pay 150 pesos for the orange patient sheet.
  5. Proceed to ARG and await for your name to be called.
  6. CD4 testing for positive patients are available after 1:00 P.M except during Wednesdays and weekends.
  7. Distribution of antiretroviral drugs are given monthly. Maximum supply for 1 month is dispensed at the given schedule.
  8. Drugs should be free and is subsidized by Philhealth.

The Thai Red Cross Research Center

If you have the budget of about 25,000 pesos every 6 months, a possible alternative is getting tested and treated in Thailand. The Thai Red Cross Aids Research Center is one of the most advanced HIV treatment facility in the world eclipsing RITM. They use the most advanced drugs that you need to only take once a day as compared to a cocktail of 2-3 medications that the Philippines still uses. Blood works such as CD4 testing is around 500 pesos and results are ready in 3 days. The medications used in TRCARC are the best medications available and is very cheap, it will only cost you about 10,000 pesos for your 6 months supply. This same medication costs about 80,000 per 1 month supply in the United States. It is cheaper in Thailand because it is subsidized by the Thai Government. You can only purchase 6 month supply of the drug as they will require you to come back every 6 months for monitoring your health status. This advanced medication is only taken once a day and has very little side effects. They look like Centrum tablets.

HIV Thailand Treatment

The Thai Red Cross AIDS Research Centre
Address: 104 Ratchadamri Road, Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330
(5 minutes’ walk from the Rajdamri BTS station and Silom MRT station)

Tel. (+66) 2-256-4107-9
Fax: (+66) 2-254-7577

DISCLAIMER: We here at HIV Test Philippines testify that opinions we expressed above are based on what we believe are facts. We are not paid by nor endorsing RITM, TRCARC and other hospitals or products mentoined above. Information above are based on what we think are best with regards to getting tested in the Philippines. Contributors here at HIV Test Philippines are HIV Counselors and are working actively for more than 5-15 years in HIV clinics in the Philippines.


  1. Keir Labbagan says:

    Hello I’m keir from Baguio, i just wanted to ask if meron kayong branch dito or clinics/sites na pwede mag pa test? Thanks

  2. Helpless says:

    Meron po ba ditong nagka roon ng ureaplasma urealyticum? :'(

  3. Gelo 92 says:

    Hi po ask ko.lang po if may window period si Syphilis po.? Thanks

  4. Ken says:

    Nagpa test po ako nitong Nov 2019 lng at NR nmn ung result. Pwd po ba magpa test uli ngaun dec kht d ko na intayon ung feb or 6mos?

  5. Ses says:

    Almost 4 months po yung last contact ko tapos NR po sa test so I’m negative? And nag pa test po ako ng oral swab NR din po.. So i can rest assured na po ba mga mam/sir?

  6. HELP ME PLS says:

    Need help
    I am at my 4th week tapos ng exposure ko, may mga sign of HIV/STD ako ngayon.
    Kindly help me please.
    email me pls

  7. Anxiety says:

    Nag patest ako sa Loveyourself anglo last year November 11,2018 then ang exposure ko 4months or 5months basta yon. Then nag non-reactive ako. Pero hanggang ngayon natatakot parin ako baka hindi accurate ung test dahil may nararamdaman akong symptoms katulad ng singaw pero hindi marami dalawa or isa lang sa labi at dila then nagkaroon ako ng fever pero tumatagal lang ng 2-3days at masakit armpit ko pero walang bukol na kulani ewan ko ba kung ano na nangyayari sakin di na mawala sa isip ko na baka hindi sapat yung test ko last year. Natatakot parin ako please help me guys bumabalik nanaman anxiety ko 🙁

  8. capricorn says:

    does anyone get tested/treated in thailand?

  9. Pleasehelp says:

    Guys paano mawala ang warts huhuhu nakakainis parang HIV din to may warts ako sa penis shaft.

  10. marvin says:

    kindly need your help pa reply naman kung hiv na talaga tong sakit komar

  11. gettested says:

    I bought fujibio since ito raw ang pinaka ok na testing kit and seeing many people na nag positive na dito, its definitely the kit that I trust and I am so happy that using fujibio I see that I am negative,

    don’t be afraid to get tested guys, do test… wag na mag pa tumpik tumpik pa at mag tanong pa ng mga symptomas.. just get tested.

  12. Bernard says:

    I think I have been exposed of HIV from my last sexual encounter. How and where I can avail Post Exposure Prophylaxis (PEP)? I already went to Loveyourself clinic but what they have is Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PRep). Please someone help me.

  13. Helpless says:

    Someone na gusto din magpatest next month
    Email me sabay tayo…

  14. Helpless says:

    I had unprotected sex with a korean prosti last nov 16 saturday
    Then i had yellow discharge nung nov 18 ,nag punta ako sa urology and lumabas sa result ay ureaplasma infection
    …bumalik ako dun sa korean prosti then sabi nila okay lang daw wala daw aids dun.
    Ngaun araw araw akong natatakot,walang mapagsabihan.
    Natatakot ako na baka magka HIV ako. :'(
    Can someone help me?
    Uuwi ako next month 17 exact 1month ,kasi gusto ko magpatest. Please help me.
    Saan po kaya may clinic or hospital na gumagamit ng ELISA?

  15. takot says:

    hi po. kinakabahan na po ako baka my aids na ako kasi nagka lbm na po ako huhu

    • Hb says:

      Kinakabahan ka pero wala kang ginagawang paraan. Magpatest ka para alam mo gagawin mo. Hula ka ng hula sa nararamdaman mo. Feb ka pa hanggang ngayon ayaw mo magpatest.

      • takot says:

        takot po ako magpatest huhu

        • HB says:

          Walang mangyayari sa takot mo.. Iovercome mo yan.. Lalo ka magkakasakit dahil sa axiety mo.. Alam mo ako 2 months akong nag lbm.. Pero after nung nagpatest ako at nalamn kong NR ako, nirelax ko isip ko and guess what? Unti unti nawala nararamdaman kong kakaiba pati pag lbm tumigil din.. Ngayon normal na ko ulit at pati pamamayat ko tumigil na.. Tumaba na nga ako ulit.. Kaya magpatest ka na.. Walang mangyayari sa takot mo.

  16. darkangel says:

    Risk ba kapag nakikipag sex na walang condom sa same gender pero sya lang naman pinuputukan sa loob?

  17. Anonymous cccc says:

    Is it possible na matransmit ang virus through food like water. Example is an infected person dropped a blood cloth in water and someone drunk it, possible po ba na mainfect yung umimom ng tubig?

  18. Pleasehelp says:

    May Warts ako sa Ari ?? Bakit ganito sino taga pasig saan may libre testing dito HIV na ito?

  19. Kyle liam Alcantara says:

    Hi help me Im kyle 18 years old natatakot po ako nadedepress na po ako hindi ko na alam po gagawin ko kasi nanonood ako sa youtube ng Sings ng HIV at yung iba dun ay nararanasan ko tapos tinubuan na din ako ng rushes bato sa.kamay na katulad sa.napapanood ko Natatakot po ako Pano kung positive talaga ako. Help me Hindi ko po alam.gagawin ko

  20. Carlo perez says:

    Gumagaling po ba ang hiv skin rushes

  21. Anonymous says:

    I got tested this morning and thank god it yielded negative results.

    My question is, however, on the accuracy of the test. My last exposure or the last time I had sexual intercourse was six months ago. This, I think, is already beyond the window period. So I can rest assure that the test I took this morning was accurate?

  22. Ricardo says:

    Yung kiskisan PO pero naka shorts. Naman at risk PO ba?

  23. Anonymous says:

    Pwede bang dumeretso sa DOH ( sa mga nag tetest ng HIV) para magpa test, kahit walang request galing sa doctor. Please someone help me. 🙁

  24. Berr says:

    Mahahawaka ba sa kiskisan Lang Ng genitals? Without condom or touch Lang Ng genitals

  25. Anonymous says:

    Good Evening. Tanong sana ako kung saan may HIV testing sa Leyte? Na prapraning kasi ako.

  26. marvin says:

    nag nonreactive ako ng dalawang beses pwede na ba ako makampante pero na ngangayayat ako lalo ngayon pwede ba yon kapag mamatay kana hindi nalang nila sinasabi kakabaliw na kasi

  27. eren says:

    Hi anyone who knows a testing hub that conduct 4th gen hiv test?

    • Lloyd says:

      4th gen yata meron sa hi precision pero sa mga hospital like st lukes meron nasa 2k yata…medical city at makati med.
      4th gen dapat less 28 days kapag lumampas ja don…sayang lang era mo..better wait ng 12weeks kapag lampas na 28 days.

  28. kirby says:

    sir ask lg ako sir if 1week na pgkatapos ko ngsex unproctected pwd na ba ako mgpa test?

  29. Drake Abanez says:

    Good Day!

    May I request Admin to kindly email me.
    I need counselling and more details.
    Please help me.I need your help.
    I will greatly appreciate all your effort.
    Thank you and more power.

    • Lloyd says:

      Admin is not active anymofe since 2017…kami2 nalng mga readers dito.

      • Ayanyan says:

        Sir Lloyd pwede ask 34 or 35 days nag pa hiv test ako none reactive topos bumalik ako mag 2 months na po Sabi Ng doctor ok na daw Yun naka nagkaroon ako Ng Gf sa dating site may Isa syang anak naging kami then nag sex kami naka condom nmn ako oral nya ko pero sya d ko nmn oral tpos French kissing pero d nmn matagal nakipag hiwalay nko sa kanya KC nalaman ko kasal sya sa dati d nmn kami nag tagal Sabi din ng kaibigan Kong nurse ok na daw no need nadaw pa test uli kaso sa nababasa ko 3rd months is ok na pero Yung unang test ko is good sign nadin pero balak ko Sana pa check kaso na lock down haha nand2 ako dumaguete April 12 pa balik ko sakto 3 months n Yun Kaya papa test padin ako kahit Sabi nila na no need d nmn Po ako active sa sex 1 time ko Lang po Yun pero may mga Nakita ako na Yung iba 1 month pang nag pa test ay lumabas na POS sila

  30. Drake Abanez says:

    Good day!
    Would like to have a counselling.Kindly advise.I’m presently residing in
    Batangas City.
    Also would like to know more details I mean everything.
    Please help me.
    Thank you

  31. Green Main says:

    I have sex with a stranger. Anal sex po un. Once niya lang po pinasok then i withdraw then umalis na ako. There’s a possibility pa rin po ba na mahawaan ako?

  32. anx2 says:

    question po, for instance po na 2007 po ung unsafe sex. posible pa rin po ba na madetect kung may std/hiv ako?

  33. April Karla Que says:

    Tanong ko lang po may chance po ba na nagkaroon ng hiv yung bf ko kasi nung hindi pa kami kung kanikanino na sya nakipag talik. Tapos ngayon po na kami na pagkatapos po namin mag talik (w/o condom) nangangati po yung part ng ari ko. Ibig sabihin po ba non infected po sya at nahawaan ako?

    • Marx says:

      ang HIV ay isang uri ng STD (sexually transmitted diseases)… mgpatest ka kung gusto mo malaman HIV status mo… punta ka nlng din sa isang INTERNAL MEDICINE doctor para ma diagnose kung anong klaseng STD ba yang nakuha mo… usually, mga nana at pamamaga ng ari ang mga signs ng mga STD gaya ng gonorrhea at iba pa…

      • Jl says:

        Ah ask kolnag po kasi yung ari ko nagkaroon ng nana pero, gf ko lang naman po nakakatalik ko at wala din naman sya ng HIV, Meron po bakaya ako?

        • Jigger says:

          Pa check up po keo sa Doctor…

          Ndi normal ang may NANA sa ari ng isang tao…

        • Jem says:

          Kung sya lang ang naka do mo. E ang gf mo ikaw ln ba naka sex? Ang std o hiv ay nkkuha sa pkikipg sex with multiple partners or either s infected person. Ndi ka magkakaroon ng nana kung ndi infected partner mo.

    • Jigger says:

      Baka Allergy lang po yan.. minsan nagkakaroon ng allergic reaction din kpag nakipagsex ka..

      but mag pa chekup ka sa Dr. pwedi ka din kc makakuha ng scabies or pubic lice..

      pa test ka din po…

    • Lloyd says:

      Only a test can tell kung infected oa..BAWAL PO HULA2 ..GET TESTED.

  34. Eilliken says:

    Hello po, i had my first experience with a stranger na afam po. Di namn po sya nilabasan but i got blood in my ass po ,natakot po ako baka infected ang mokong, pwede po ba akong mahawa? Paki paki sagot po pleasee. Sobra napo akong natatakot,

    • Marx says:

      nagcondom ba xa? If not, malaking chance pwede kang mahawa kung meron xang HIV… pwede xang nalabasan pero di nio lng alam… pero kung wla xang HIV, congrats. Test lng mkapagsasabi kung nka kuha ka ng HIV

    • Lloyd says:

      Kung walang condom..that is very risky lalo na anal..kahit hindi nilabasan yan pwede ka mahawa kung infected sya..get teested at 6 weeos then repeat at 12 weeks mark.

  35. Mr.Anxious says:

    Sir lloyd at sir kon, baka pwede po makausap kayo kahit sa email lang. Pls.
    My email is

  36. Alex says:

    Good morning!
    Ask ko lng nakipagsex ako nung monday nasira yung condom magpapatest ako hiv and sti test malalaman ba agad yun kung infected kn in just few days after unsafe sex? Or it will take months bago malaman if infected kana?

    • Hdhd says:

      2 weeks earliest 4 weeks 95 3 months 99.97% 4 weeks palang mag pa test kana

    • Jigger says:

      May window period po..

      pwedi ka na mag pa check.. after 1 month.. try u po sa High Precision..1k mahigit lang.. kasama na ung ibang STD screening..

      meron din naman libre.. sa mga gov. facilities..

  37. Chloe Tuazon says:

    Question po kapag po ba hiv rashes tuwing gabi lang po ba sya umaatake and kapag naka kain ka ng malansa?

    • Lloyd says:

      Walang specific symptoms ang hiv..ONLY A TEST CAN TELL if you are infected kaya get test tye earliest is 6 weeks and repeat after 12 weeks pasg exposure for 3rd gen test kit usually they are free from all accredited testing hubs…PRACTICE SAFE SEX ALWAYS..goodluck!

  38. Jigger says:

    Tanong ko lang po, Gaano po ba ka accurate ung CMIA test? kc nagpatest ako sa HPrecision dto sa Agusan del norte.. NR naman cia using CMIA test..nag patest ako last nov 7 lang… last exposure ko is july.

    Please help po… pakisagot lang po..

    • Lloyd says:

      You are safe but if your still anxious get tested past 6 months for your peace of mind.
      Stay safe…SAFE SEX IS TYE BEST PROTRCTION..goodluck
      Your test is conclusive btw.

  39. Jigger says:

    Tanong ko lang po, Gaano po ba ka accurate ung CMIA test? kc nagpatest ako sa HPrecision dto sa Agusan del norte.. NR naman cia using CMIA test..nag patest ako last nov 7 lang… last exposure ko is july.

    Please help po… pakisagot lang

  40. Mr.Anxious says:

    Tanong lang guys, may negative ba at 3 months tas nag positive at 6 months? Assuming no new exposure. Thanks sa sasagot.

    • HB says:

      Possible.. Sa mga taong may immunodeficiency o yung sobrang baba ng immune system ksi matagal sila magproduce ng antibody.. Anyway.. Back read ka nalang.. Madami na nagtanong niyan.. NR ka na diba? Rest your mind na.. Magtiwala ka sa test mo.. 🙂

    • Lloyd says:

      So far NONE but for your peace of mind get tested again after 6 months kase alam ko praning ka prin nyan…SAFE SEX ALWAYS..goodluck!

      • Mr.Anxious says:

        Actually yung vaginal expo ko lampas na 6 months, yung oral expo na lang 3 months+ ako nagpa test. So if 6 months na, sure na talaga un? Or may cases pa din na 6 months+?

        • Lloyd says:

          Kalma kana..NEGATIVE kana..kung bj lang namn tapos babae pa malabo yan kahit man sa bakla kase low risk ang bj…negative kana kaya kalma.

          • Mr.Anxious says:

            Mlast time nagpunta ako infectious desease na doctor wala naman daw ako swollen nodes sa legs nung kinapa nya, pero kong ako kakapa meron ako nakakapa na wala naman dati. And minsan sumasakit xa.di ko na alam kong ano nangyayari sakin. Sang doctor ba talaga ako lalapit, sa infectious o sa eent o sa kong di ko na alam. Minsan naiisip ko di kaya immonodfciency ako kaya walang na detect sa apat na test ko. Pag immunodfcy ba ang tao makikita ba yan sa cbc thru wbc, rbc o kong ano man tawag dun sa blood count o blood chem. Pls help. Nalikito na ako sa nararamdaman ko. Minsan sumasakit joints ko sa legs, pag pinagpapawisan ako, lagi malamig. Nagka ulcer pako sa lips last week pero nawala na now. Pls help sir lloyd.

          • HB says:

            Hindi ka naman nagpapa chemo diba? Wala ka naman cancer o malalang sakit.. So bakit mo sinasbi na immunodeficiency ka? Rest your mind.. Maniwala ka sa dr na wala kang swollen nodes.. Wag kang kapa ng kapa.. Kaya ka nga nagpacheck up tapos kkwestyonin mo judgement ng dr.. Nakakapraning oo pero ikaw tutulong sa sarili mo para magka peace of mind ka.. NR ka na.. Relax.. Wag ka magpakain sa anxiety mo..

          • Mr.Anxious says:

            Nodes sa leeg*

        • Lloyd says:

          Sa kakaisip mo yan kaya nagmamanifest na akala mo meron yan..been tuere before..i myself is also a victim of that stupid thinking..imagine monthly ako magpapatest then last test ko 14 mos but still negative..the docotrs told me na negative tlaga ako pero kinakabahan parin ako so i keep on testing at nagsayang lang ako ng oras para jan sa kakaisip….stay away from internet..magbakasyon ka or talk to someone..unwimd and mahalin mo sarili mo…iwasan na ang kapraningan..6 mos nakalpas is definnitely conclusive maliban nalng kung may cancer ka or other disease na pwedeng magpababa ng antibodies mo at matagalan ang pagdegect..ok na bro kaya move on..wala na yan..itagay nalang natin yan hahaa.

          • Mr.Anxious says:

            Uu hindi naman ako nagpa chemo..cancer wala naman. Pero ewan may nararamdaman talaga ako sa leeg ko. Minsan sumasakit xa pero di naman sobrang sakit. Ewan ko na talaga. Di ko na talaga alam ano nangyayari. Di ko mapigilang huwag mag isip kasi may nararamdaman kasi ako kaya napapaisip ako. Huhu nagpa test na din ako syphilis last time kasabay patest ko sa hiv. same NR result. Sana nga mawala na to nararamdaman ko, tas pag nagpaeis ako, malamig pa pawis ko. D naman ako ganito dati.

  41. marvin says:

    last year july 2018 threesome po kami then pag tapos nun nag ka roon ako ng gonorhea which is nagamot ko naman ang mali lang self medication then nitong july namamantal yong katawan ko pero hindi ko alam kung ano ang dahilan tapos pumasok na sa isip ko na baka infected ako bali sa sobrang pagaalala nag pa test ako ng oct 22 at nag nonreactive ako for just 15 mins malalaman po ba if positive ka legit po ba yon?

    • Harot says:

      Describe the test that you took.

      • marvin says:

        kinuhanan po ako ng dugo then after 25 mins ata nonreactive yong result

        • Harot says:

          I wonder what kind of test was that. You should have received a sealed paper that described / mentioned the type of test made.

          • marvin says:

            HIV screening test, sypphilis screening test, hbsAg
            HbsAg kit/reagent used SD BIOLINE HBSAG WB MULTI.

          • Jigger says:

            Right sealed cia tapos may pirma pa cia dun sa sealed cover… talagang ikaw lang ang makakaalam ng result mo at ung nag labarotory test sau.

    • Jem says:

      Don’t self medicate. Anong ginamot mo? Gonorrhea can be treated with cefriaxone shot, azithromycin 2 tablets of 500mg and doxycycline for 10 days. Habng tumatagal lumalala ang gonorrhea of not treated right and it can lead to hIV

    • Jem says:

      Anong ginamot mo s sarili mo? Never self medicate hbng tumatagal lumalala ang gonorrhea can lead u to have HIv, gonorrhea can be treated with cefriaxone shot, azithromycin and doxycycline.

  42. paranoid says:

    Good day, I got tested WEAKLY POSITIVE in syphilis, na injekan narin ako ng penicillin 2.4 million every week,,, after 5 months when I was about to donate a blood, lumabas sa screening na positive parin ako for syphilis, pero yong partner ko pinatest ko rin po pero d sya nahawaan…Normal lang po ba na positive ang result kahit tapos kana sa medication?

  43. Raven says:

    is it ok to be tested if you have menstruation?

  44. Nick says:

    Anu ano yung early signs sa ating penis and sa ating katawan? Pano mo malalaman na infected ka?

  45. Jerry gaerlan says:

    San po part ng quezon city may free hiv test.thank you

  46. Joy cadiente says:

    Hello po,, ask ko lng po, my maliliit na pula po sa dila ko, malapit sa lalamunan, anu po kya iyon, nasa abroad po kc ako kya di ako mkapagpatest, pero 3mons ago nkipagsex po ako at nagBJ,, thanks po sa answer,, kinakabahan lang po kase ako

    • Harot says:

      Dapat ka talagang kabahan if there was unprotected vaginal penetration. That spot in your tongue doesn’t say anything about HIV infection.

    • Jigger says:

      Actually po.. HIV ay umiipekto lang yan kapag mahina na ang immune system u.. doon na lalabas ang ibat ibang sintomas ng sakit..

      baka po Anxiety lang yan.. try to calm your self.. icipin u na wala cia…

      kapag tinamaan ka ng anxiety lahat ng sakit na akala mo eh mararamdaman mo..

      pa test po keo kapag nakauwi na keo sa pinas… un lang din ang sasagot sa lahat…

  47. Lyndonne says:

    hi guys, ako yung gumamit ng fujibio dalwang kit ginamit ko parehas positive.

    bali sa sobrang kaba ko last week lang ako nag pa test sa RITM and nag text sila kaninang around 4 pm na positive daw po talga ako.

    so ang masasabi ko po ay accurate ang fujibio. mag test po tayo ang sabi ng doktor maagang treatment means less complication, naliwanagan ako dahil tinawagan nila ako for counselling and naka schedule ako mamaya para sa 8 am lab works kaya gising na ako ngayon maaga palang preparing.

    masaya ako actually dahil na assured nila ako na magiging normal ang lahat, papasalamat ako unang una sa community dito na nag palakas ng loob ko mag pa test. sa fujibio dahil accesible ang accurate ng testing nyo at kay dr. perez and nurse angie sa pag asikaso sakin. Isang tablet lang ang iinumin ko sa isang araw, yun lang ang gamot at magiging undetectable na raw ako after 2 weeks lang.

    salamat ulet guys.

  48. First Timer says:

    Hi! Quick question po. I just had an unprotected anal sex (November 11 2019) with someone I just met on Grinder and that was my very first anal sex. Now my question is in case he is positive with the said virus can that one interaction infect me right away? and by the way he didn’t cum inside me. Thanks in advance for the answer.

    • kon says:

      not trying to scare you but that was dangerously risky, meaning yes even if he did not cum inside you, there is a chance that you can get infected even with small amount of precum.

      i suggest keeping in contact with the other guy for communications.
      also keep in mind that there are other STIs to watch out.

      • First Timer says:

        If I want to be tested I cannot do it not after 6 weeks from that contact right?

        • kon says:

          1-2 weeks ata pinaka maaga using the PCR test. Most expensive.
          4 weeks with the 4th gen test. 1-2k PHP
          12 weeks with the most common 3rd gen test. usually free.

          • 1st timer says:

            How much for PCR TEST?

          • kon says:

            haven’t actually tried it. my guess is around 8k-10k.

          • Mr. Hayblad says:

            Hi po napapraning na po ako.. Last Oct. 16 may naka sex po akong masahesta pero nag condom kami.,
            Pero sa blowjob walang condom.. Once lang kami nag talik hindi ko na inulitan, its been 1 month and 1 week.. Ano kaya infected kaya ako thanks.? Po sa reply. C masahista smelly yung vagina nya kaya d ko na inulitan.

    • Harot says:

      If that was your first time, bleeding could have happened, which increases the risk of infected fluid to enter the blood stream.

    • Harot says:

      Next time side fun na lang kung ayaw gumamit ng condom.

  49. Coney m lalusin says:

    Need help pls reply

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